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2950 Alliance Place Springdale, AR 72764
Phone: (479)756-6660
Website: www.aafcredit.com

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AAF Corporate Office in Springdale has a proven record of accomplishment for satisfying customer requirements regarding used car. They are one of the best dealers of used cars in the region. Not only cars, but also second hand car accessories are available at AAF Corporate Office Inventory of used car in the region of Springfield. They even have eleven professionals who have high expertise in dealing with used car and their accessories. They deal in accessories and used branded cars of Chryster, Chevrolet, Ford, Hyundai, Jaguar, GMC, Nissan etc. Office of their dealership is located in the region of Alliance Palace, in Springdale.

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  • By Tom and Laurinda Davis - Posted on: May 6, 2013

    My suggestion is not to purchase any cars from them. Their customer service department sucks. They have hung up on us several times and refuse to return calls when they say they will. We purchased a car from them and paid cash for the car. We are on the the forth week of trying to get the title to the car. They told us the title was in Little Rock. I am guessing that was a lie since according to their website Springdale is their corp office. They had no problem cashing out check and getting our money but seem to have a problem getting the title to us and make arraignments to take the GPS off of the car. We are over an hour from their location. My husband made a trip to Springdale to get the GPS taken off onthe day they requested and they said no one was there. There service is horrible not to mention the car broke down on us and we had to spend a week trying to get it fixed. This is the worst company for customer service and I would recommend not purchasing from them at all. The car we purchased was for our daughter who is graduating from high school and getting ready to go college. This company has cost us additional monies in gas to travel back and forth not to mentioned all the phone calls including the ones they hung up on us. Horrible business.

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