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200 Glen Eagles Ct Ste C Carrollton, GA 30117
Phone: (800)965-2107

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Air Tran Airways is an American based low-cost airline that operates about 700 flights dairy mainly in the Midwestern and the eastern parts of the United States. It is a subsidiary of the Southwest Airlines and it was founded in the year 1993 as ValuJet Airlines by the Air Tran Corporation. The principal hub of the Air Tran is the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport which accounts for 200 of its daily flights. It has a fleet of 129 aircrafts, mainly Boeing 717 and Boeing 737-700. It provides chartered and scheduled flights for both passengers and cargo to 53 destinations. The Headquarters are at Dallas in Texas, USA.

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  • By Anne Moreau - Posted on: April 13, 2013

    We flew into Baltimore and needed to connect to a flight going to Orlando. Flight was delayed almost 5 hours until they decided to cancel the flight. They got us on a South West flight but we needed to scramble to make it on time. We lost an entire day since we should have arrived in Orlando at 11:30am and did not arrive until after 6. On the way back we were ticketed from Orlando to Portland Maine and all seemed fine until again in Baltimore we noticed that our tickets did not have our name on them but someone else. The flight was overbooked but they finally at the last minute had someone take advantage of flying out the next day. My husband and I were not seated together. We had booked this trip since before Christmas and feel that the service was poor. The woman in Baltimore was rude and did not seem to appreciate our problem. We will probably never fly Air-tran again. Too bad because once on the plane the flight was great and the attendants were polite. It really is unfortunate because we travel a great deal and had never tried your airline so we decided to try it with the urging of friends that do use your airline. Never again!!!

  • By Philippe Moreau - Posted on: April 13, 2013

    Just needed to write. Had the worst experience ever!! Booked a trip in december and just came back. Problem started in Portland Maine when they could not find the booking at first. Finally went ok. flight was fine but when we reached Baltimore MD that is where the problems really started. Our flight to Orlando was delayed 4 separate times and finally the flight was cancelled! We got a last minute flight on South West 5 hours later! We lost an entire day since we were to arrive in Orlando late morning and it was not until after 6 that we arrived. Once we arrived they could not locate our luggage so we filed a claim and the girl at the counter was not very helpful. Finally another couple with the same problem arrived and they found their luggage at the AirTran luggage pick up. The girl we were dealing with never bothered to check. The last straw was today on our flight home. We checked in fine in Orlando and the flight was on time and great. Once again in Baltimore as we were ready to board I noticed that the boarding passes that were issued in Orlando was not even my name nor my wife's!!! The flight was overbooked and they tried very hard to get us new seats and were successful but we were not sitting together and the woman at the counter was extremely rude about the whole thing. Again we had planned this trip for over 4 months and the travel to and from our destination was horrible. I travel a great deal for business and I can guarantee you that I will not travel AirTran again and will tell my colleagues and friends of the horrible experience we had with your airling. Too bad too for the flights themselves were great it is just that the service was horrible from beginning to end!

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