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Ashley Furniture is one of the leading furniture manufacturers with an experience of over fifty years in this industry. The Ashley companies operates through large facilities spread across a number of locations and its headquarters is located in Arcadia, WI. It runs separate operating departments namely Ashley Upholstery, Ashley Casegoods, and Millennium. The lineup of products from this company includes furniture for living room, bedroom, dining room, and even home office furniture. One can search for furniture based on collection or style offered by the company. Some of the furniture collections from the company include Carlyle, Hamlyn, Key Town, Cross Island, and Kenwood Loft.

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  • By Richard - Posted on: September 23, 2020

    Bought sofa and chair in June. They said we would have it in 6 weeks. It is now almost October - still delaying delivery. Latest is mid November. Meanwhile, they have my money!!!!! Scam artists. Salesman said to go ahead and cancel, they had plenty of business.

  • By Susan - Posted on: September 22, 2020

    Things were not the best at the store and have only gotten worse. The sales person was terrible. I was the easiest sale he probably will ever have as I knew what I wanted. I asked him a couple questions about the pieces and he did not know the answer or how to read the information on the signs. He wandered off many times and there were no other customers there. I ordered a platform bed and he did not have all the pieces ordered that you needed to so he had to rering things. I ordered the bedroom furniture on July 18th and just got it on September 19th (I did not have an issue with the length of time even though it was 3-5 weeks longer that what I was told the max would be). Then delivery, no call until about 24 hours before with time frame and I could not confirm so they said they would cancel my delivery. After over an hour on hold I was able to get confirmation. Delivery day, no call or text like I was told when they were 30 minutes out. Everything was going smoothly (except for the one guy complaining how hot it was, it was in the low 70's) or so I thought. The battery on the drill ran out on the only piece they needed it for and then they did not have the screws for the slats for the platform. They said they would be out this morning to finish since they were off Sundays & Mondays and would call first thing in the morning. I had to call 4 times (30+ minutes on hold each time) and disconnected twice, once after being transferred and on hold for an additional 30 minutes. Finally got someone who I told that she will not transfer me to anyone and she will need to get this taken care of. She said there were not notes on my order of any issue. She is contacting someone and she said she would get back to me within 30 minutes but to give her an hour. It has been an hour no call back. It is now 5 hours later and still no call back. Called for the 5th time today after 2 urgent tickets written, one being urgent within 3 hours. No response from tickets like promised and no call from supervisor as promised. Now I will have to take another day off after nothing being done today. I had planned on ordering a couple other pieces from Ashley's but not now. Terrible service and who knows when I will ever get to sleep in my bed.

  • By Nikki - Posted on: September 16, 2020

    We bought and paid in full for our furniture at Ashley's. We spent over 15,000.00. It has been 6 months and still have not received 4 big items. We had to go into the store to see what the issue was. We were told that one of our items was discontinued. They would not have told us if we had not gone in. I am still waiting on a check back for that item :( You can't even get a hold of a manager to talk to or anyone on customer service. DO NOT GO TO ASHLEYS!!!

  • By Lisa Hobbs - Posted on: September 15, 2020


  • By Jonsie - Posted on: September 14, 2020

    Hello. I am emailing as contacting your Ashley Conn 866-436-3393 has not helped since May. I placed an order May 12, 2020 for my sons bedroom furniture. I am well aware that Covid has been going on and it is taking longer than usual to ship and deliver products. However the care I have been given is utterly unacceptable. I received the bed rails and night stand first in May. Then the dresser and foot/ head boards. Then was scheduled for the remainder of the bed to be deliver and put together in AUGUST!!!! When the man got there and spoke ZERO English, he stayed about 30 minutes, left without saying ANYTHING. I go upstairs assuming bed was put together and wood pieces, screws, etc were thrown all over the floor. I assumed he ran to the store to get something and would return….. HE NEVER DID! I am a single mom and paying1034.32 was a huge expense to do especially during COVID. I went with Ashely because all of the realtors I work with here in San Antonio have said customer service is wonderful and that they use yall to stage their homes. I will never again shop with ASHLEY. I have called at least 15 times to get this resolved and fixed. When I call the customer service who answers can never tell me if I have all the pieces or not. I called again today and spoke with a TASHA, she is now placing a whole new order for the bed, since we have no idea what is there or not. Mind you, I was also told this would happen when I called 8/31/2020. Which I was also told I would hear from Ashley in 24 hours to schedule delivery- in which I never heard. Now Tasha is telling me it will not even be in stock until 11/3/2020!!!! That is unacceptable and will not work. I have received 19 texts from Ashely delivery stating it will be delivered at a certain time and date. For all of the 6 actual times for delivery I took off half a day to ensure I would be there for the furniture to be complete. And here we are and it is still not complete. Many of those times delivery was scheduled, NO ONE ever showed up!!!! Who is compensating me for my time on Ashley’s ignorance? In the beginning when all the mishap started I called and was told I would get a 75$ credit to my account which would should up on my account in store. I went that weekend top get my son a mattress, and guess what was not on my account???? You guessed it, NO CREDIT! So I called back to customer care, the lady I spoke with was very hateful telling me that she would mail me the gift card, I have NEVER RECEIVED IT! I would like to know what will be done or what I need to do to get my sons bed completely delivered and put together and WHEN this will be happening… I also want my 75$ as it was promised, I will not use it but will give it away to help someone else. I need to know how you are going to fix this and help me out for the ignorance and trouble Ashley has put me through. I hope I am not being charged delivery fee for what I have gone through. I would like Ashley furniture to credit my account in full and come get the furniture. This is ridiculous. I have never seen this type of customer service.

  • By Shane - Posted on: September 13, 2020

    On 6-29-2020 my girlfriend and I went into Ashley Furniture in Louisville, KY, to look at a bedroom set. The sales rep helped us pick out a bedroom set that we like and set up a delivery for it. The rep said they have it in stock and that the delivery date was an estimate. We then looked at mattresses. Immediately we were taken to a Tenpurpedic Pro Breeze Medium Hybrid. We were informed that we needed to sleep on it for 30 days, but if we weren't satisfied with it within 90 days we could swap it out, no problem, through their 90 Night Comfort Guarantee. We purchased everything very happy. When it came time for our furniture to be delivered we got notification it is being pushed back. We did receive our mattress, though were unable to use the adjustable base due to the bedroom set we went with having storage under the bed. So we needed to wait until that arrived to use our adjustable base. When the second delivery date came around, for our furniture, we got notification it is being pushed back 1-3 weeks (that was 4 weeks ago without any other notification). My girlfriend decided to look up our bedroom set on the website where it now states it out of stock. We were originally told it was in stock. Also my girlfriend has been waking up in pain so we aren't satisfied with the mattress. On 9-12-2020 we decided to go back into Ashley and take advantage of the 90 night sleep guarantee, as well as to cancel our bedroom set. Once we arrive we tell our original sales person that we want to swap our mattress for a softer version. They direct us to a softer version even noting that it is about $1000 cheaper than the original mattress we purchased. They now inform us that typically they aren't allowed to swap for a cheaper mattress without a manager's approval due to the warranty, something we originally weren't informed of. We then started to explain the other issue of our furniture not being delivered, and it keeps on getting pushed back. I ask to speak to a manager about it. The sales rep leaves to get a manager but returns with a piece of paper that indicated that the mattress can only be swapped out with one of equal or greater value and that the manager won't approve the refund of the difference. So if we went with the softer version, which we did so that we can get a good night’s rest, we were out $1000. The sales rep also said that to return the bedroom set we needed to pay a 10% fee. So basically, 1. we were sold a set that we were told was in stock, when in actuality it wasn't. 2. Told by the sales rep that we need to pay a 10% fee to return something they didn't have to begin with. 3. Sold a mattress being told we can swap it out 1 time without hassle, but now are told we have to get one of equal or greater value or we are out the money if we go with something cheaper. Here I feel like Ashley stole our money, and 4. The manager on duty would not come out to speak with us. This is very poor customer service and we were very upset. Our sales rep then indicated that we could talk to someone else, which we wanted to. She then directed us to the customer service specialist and walked off. We explained our situation to Amber, who I felt did an amazing job. She looked up our order, said that since we fully financed our purchased we can cancel our furniture without the 10% fee, and can swap out the mattress. She, however, could not do anything about the difference in price of the mattress without the approval of a manager (who would not come out to speak with us). The furniture order will be cancelled, and I will be notified when it is, and I will be notified when the mattress swap will take place. However, I feel that Ashley stole $1000 by not refunding the difference between our original mattress and the one we are swapping with.

  • By ty - Posted on: September 10, 2020

    im sad to say 7 years later Ashleys have not changed

  • By KEVIN fRANKLIN - Posted on: September 10, 2020

    I Purchased a couch set July 2 and paid cash for it that day 4500, it is Sept.the 10th and I still do not have My couch. I understand Covid 19 has delayed some deliveries ( 1 or 2 months behind, I can understand that), So I called today to ask about when I could expect My couch and I was told November the 27th.If I get it then that will make it 5 months to get a couch set that was paid for.....that is just ridiculous!!!!!!! I promise you I will never go to Ashley Furniture again!!!!!!

  • By CMG - Posted on: July 29, 2013

    I actually bought a dining room set from them in Feb and was very pleased. The table had a bad finishing on it but they replaced it quickly. I love the table. Since we had a good experience with them we went this weekend for their $15,000,000 Warehouse Sale. The prices were so inflated it was ridiculous. The dining room set we had just bought for $1100.00 including tax and delivery was now $1749 without tax and delv. How can they get away with raising their prices so much?? It doesn't sound legit to me. I asked the salesman and he told me they used to use store prices now they used manufacturer suggested prices. But the discount is coming off of the manf. price so I would still be paying more than the "store" price. What a rip off - I suggest you just stay away form their "sales".

  • By lah - Posted on: June 27, 2013

    I purchased reclining sofa 1 yr ago for $1000 and bought the extended warranty for an additional $230. I noticed that the middle section of the 3 piece sofa was falling in and not supportive. I called Ashley they said it was no longer under warranty after a year but after I told her the problem she said it sounded like a frame or spring issue and those were warrantied for 5 yrs, so she sent someone out to look at it. They came out and looked at it and wouldn't support the warranty saying it wasn't normal wear and tear. I asked where else I could go and she the referred me to Guardsman based on the extended warranty I purchased. I contacted them and sent them the information they requested and they have now also refused to repair it stating that I didn't contact them first within the 10 day time frame of the extended warrant. This is UNACCEPTABLE SERVICE. NOONE AT ASHLEY TOLD ME I SHOULD HAVE CONTACTED THEM FIRST AND NOW GUARDSMAN IS TELLING ME THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN CONTACTED FIRST, so because of the delay they are denying my claim. I now am so angry because I have a $1000 sofa that is terrible and cannot be fully used. GUARDSMAN TELLS ME THAT ASHLEY IS EDUCATED TO INFORM CUSTOMERS WITH EXTENDED WARRANTIES TO CONTACT THEM FIRST BECAUSE THERE IS A TIME CONSTRAINT, BUT I WAS NOT INFORMED OF THIS. I will never recommend Ashley to anyone ever again and I have purchased other furniture from them because I like their items, but that doesn't mean anything if they don't support their furniture and customers. And I'd never recommend that anyone purchase an extended warranty, especially from Guardsman.

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