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Avis Budget Group, Inc Corporate Office & Headquarters | Parsippany, NJ
Avis Budget Group, Inc Corporate Office Headquarters

Avis Budget Group, Inc Corporate Office | Headquarters

Avarage Rating:
6 Sylvan Way Parsippany, NJ 07054
Phone: (973)496-3500
Website: www.thecheesecakefactory.com

Company Overview

The leading company to provide vehicles on rent for general use, Avis Budget Group, Inc., is doing successful business in several regions across New Zealand, North America and Australia. They are the parent company of Budget truck rental, Avis Rent a Car System and Budget Rent a Car. Their headquarter is situated in the region of Parsippany, New Jersey. They have announced their motivation to buy Zipcar in 2013 for an amount of five hundred million US dollars. The deal is said to be finalized during the spring of the present year. In 2006, the car rental division under Cendant was rechristened into the present name.

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There are currently 2 consumer reviews about Avis Budget Group, Inc available. Share your review.

  • By Sarahno - Posted on: May 29, 2013

    I am currently experiencing from you guys the worst service I've ever had dealing with a business. Despite everything negative that I read online I still decided to go with budget for my insurance replacement, worst decision I've ever made I completely regret it. I have emailed, called been transferred to dead lines/extensions. Called corporate everything and no resolution. I would never do business with or recommend anyone to do business with Budget. I have spent so much time out of my life trying to correct your mistake. I will be going to the BBB to resolve this since you can’t. A little on the issues: I got a rental from you guys through my insurance company it needed to be extended my insurance adjuster called to extend it but instead of you guys charging it to my insurance companies account you charged my credit card instead, Me and my adjuster called over 15 times to get it resolved was promised by Aman it would be taken care of and it never was. I ended up getting a refund of the incorrect extension charge when I returned the rental. 2nd problem after returning the rental I got a call from Aman saying he didnt close the ticket because the car floor needed to be vacuumed after arguing with him that a normal vacuum will take care of any dirt on the carpet I had to take some hours off work because I didn't want to be charged any additional days I vacuumed the dirt off the carpet which was barely anything (I have pictures). 3rd issue is you guys charged my card again today for $70.52 it has now been 5 days since the rental was returned and I can't get an answer Aman from budget doesn't know why and told me to call corporate. I can't get the right person from corporate on the line to help me everyone transfers me around I hate this company it has wasted so much of my time. I will be going to the BBB

  • By Chris - Posted on: March 12, 2013

    Picture this. We rented a car via Priceline. When we arrived to pick up our vehicle we were met by Sikandar at the airport in Orlando. Our understanding was the vehicle had already been paid for. Mr Sikandar was a mumbler with a heavy accent and failed to inform us of numerous details on the contract and the items he was offering us. First off he offered us insurance at approximately 60.00. Great! We will take it. Failure one is he forgot to mention it was per day. Offered us a GPS. Approximately 12.00. Failure two. Didn't tell us per day....again. Keep in mind we just got off the plane, we are excited and believe that all people have good intentions especially companies who want our business. As the staff member continues to not only speak with a heavy accent he mumbles. After several times of asking him to repeat himself (my husband and i had clearly indicated to him we could not hear or understand him) it was very clear we were confused and had the dear in the headlights look. As a result an additional 730.00 was charged to our credit card in addition to what we paid to Priceline. This was a preplanned trip. My husband just lost his job before the trip but because it was paid for already we chose to go anyways. Then we get hit with a bill we simply cannot afford. When i spoke to the Company what did i typically hear throughout the conversation...did you read the contract....you signed the contract. Yes yes we did.. believing you were good people and trusting you would not rip us off. WOW!!!! Not at any time did this Zikandar inform us IT WAS PER DAY for the insurance. He also said he was going to give us the GPS for free. DIDN'T HAPPEN. Charged us per day. Good customer service is training your staff to inform the customer. NOT RIP US OFF AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. And of course the supervisor that i spoke to at Budget say I'm sorry maam but i can only tell you what the contract says not what the staff member says." Really so your not accountable for your staff!!!!!! Who is then. This is a real copout and i will never rent a car from this service again. I really truly feel like we have been taken advantage off and will never rent a vehicle from this company again. I feel ill informed and i believe that the company should take responsibility for their staff.

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