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1 Cabela Dr Sidney, NE 69160
Phone: (308)254-5505

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Cabela is a renowned retailer organization. It is well known recreation trade name for its services related to outdoor which includes hunting, fishing, etc. Since its inauguration in 1961 it is regarded as the world's leading outfitter. Cabela offers a wide range of high quality products and they also provide advanced customer services. Cabela's journal magazines are aimed to help the hunters. In these magazines, adventurous incidents are published to encourage the hunters. Users can get these magazines under one, two, or three year subscriptions. Cabela's Shows on television also inspires the hunters and helps them to learn many important issues regarding hunting.

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  • By Patty Morris - Posted on: September 19, 2020

    First I was in Cabela's in Owatonna MN, I purchased about $400.00 on a credit card that I got while there. When I got home to NM I found that I picked up the wrong size of a pair of pants. Since I had to make a trip to Albuquerque I took them up there to return. Of course I had lost my receipt, so they couldn't find my purchase trying to look it up on their system. The clerk told me he could only give me 60% of the Sales Price at the Alb store. I had already told him they were on sale at MN also, but he insisted sales prices differ. OK I went with losing about $10.00 to Cabela's. Then I get home last night on 9/18 and unpack to find that the clerk didn't remove the security tag. I called this morning and talked with customer service explaining that it is a three hour drive for me to go back to Alb. They told me there is nothing that they could do that I have to bring the shirt back in to get the security device removed. This is the worst customer service that I have ever seen. This is not my mistake and yet I will have to lose a day's time to drive up there and back home is 6 hours. Is Cabela's going to pay for my time? No, the customer service rep was as uncaring about their mistake. This is ridiculous.

  • By Louis K Fuelling - Posted on: August 26, 2013

    I have bought from you for years with no complaint. The shipping you charged me to get a pair of NB shoes was disturbing. Won't be buying anything for a while.

  • By mark - Posted on: March 6, 2013

    Wow not even a good customer experience on this. Rep didnt like what he heard couldnt help ended chat. All over 35.00 to a high value Black Card Member. Even sent link to validate the claim. didnt even expect full credit of difference jsut something to say yeah we are way overpriced ! even store credit was requested not even a refund of difference. NOTHING GO AWAY WE DONT NEED YOUR BUSINESS is basically the answer by ending chat in the manner the rep did. Tim H.: Hi, my name is Tim H.. How may I help you? mark schmitt: Order 216139892 mark schmitt: I was checking as this powder is 28.99 but at brownells it is 21.99 is there anything Cabelas can do to make this a little closer this is nearly 30% higher mark schmitt: I am a black Cabelas Club Card member mark schmitt: 749-011-430 RELODER 22 POWDER, 1 LB 6 Tim H.: I am sorry but we only price match in our retail stores for local competitors. mark schmitt: so nothing can be done with it ? mark schmitt: not even some bump to the cab points or anything ? mark schmitt: here is the link to brownells mark schmitt: Tim H.: I apologize but I have no way to help here. mark schmitt: anyone at Cabelas that can this seems to be a huge price difference and Cabelas taking advantage of the powder shortage and gouging custs mark schmitt: 5-10% is one thing 30% is different. Tim H.: I just checked and this has been the price since last July. Tim H.: Is there anything else we can do for you today? mark schmitt: not unless you have a contact that can help on this mark schmitt: otherwise I will take business to Brownells it is heck of a lot cheaper Tim H.: I am sorry but no. This has been our policy for over 15 years. mark schmitt: Ok mark schmitt: you would think you would take care of BLack Card Members mark schmitt: guess status and loyalty is nothing to Cabelas Tim H.: Thank you for visiting Have a great day! mark schmitt: I will blog this out. mark schmitt: thanks, Tim H. has disconnected.

  • By Ronnie valandra - Posted on: March 26, 2013

    I'm from Browning Montana avid horn hunter and hunter...looking to sell elk moose and deer horns please contract me at 406~845~8456 or thank you for your time and consideration

  • By Patrick H. - Posted on: March 24, 2013

    Cabelas does not care about customers, only profits. I have relied on them for some time and convinced many others to, only to learn the hard way. In the current firearms market, there are much better retailers to count on who will not cancel you orders and limit you to 20 rounds of ammo at a time. Other companies might even contact you when you want to buy an expensive firearm, but Cabelas makes it clear they do not care about your business.

  • By James Weaver - Posted on: March 17, 2013

    I talked to 2 salesmen in the powersports department @ Cabela's in Kansas City, Kansas on 03/13/2013 about purchasing a ATV. The 1st salesman gave me the wrong application for financing, so when I went to fax the application back to the 2nd salesman (because the 1st salesman was off work that day), he told me I had the wrong application and he could take my information over the phone, which I did, and was told to call back in about 30 minutes, which I did for approval of a 2013 Coleman ATV, I was approved and ask one salesman a series of questions, which he either struggle with or did'nt know the answer, I also experienced the same problem with the second salesman. I was then ask when I was wanting to pickup a new 2013 Coleman Trail Tamer 500, and I stated maybe on 03/15/2013. The salesman then stated that he needed 24 hours of notice to have the service department put one together, so I told him I would call him back in the morning (03/14/2013) to let him know when I would be coming to pick up the 2013 Coleman Trail Tamer 500. I called @ 12:00 p.m. like the salesman had requested, because of the time he was coming in to work that day, and he stated he would contact the sales department that they need to put together a new Coleman Atv for me and have it ready for me when I arrive 03/15/2013 @ 10:30 a.m. I arrived @ 10:45 a.m. and ask if I could go and look over one of the display units, and I was let out of a secured door and me and my wife look over the display unit and made a final decision that the new 2013 Coleman Trail Tamer 500 was the one I wanted after doing a lot of research prior to getting to Cabela's. I then went back to the door and had to knock on the glass door and introduce myself and the salesman barely knew who I was. I was then led over to see 2 women in a cubicle and they had already had the paperwork ready, and all that was needed was signatures, I was greeted and began to read and sign paperwork for what was suppose to be a new 2013 Coleman Atv. Everything was going really quick, to the point that I felt like I was @ a car dealership. I finished the paperwork and the salesman was explaining where to pick the new Atv up at, and I told him that I need some item in the store and I left to go purchase $187.00 worth of stuff which I have many times before, I then went and told the saleman I was ready to go pickup my new 2013 Coleman Atv 500, and he told me to go to the service center in lot M and he'd meet me there. I drove around to the northside of Cabela's and waited in the lot inside a gated area where boats and atv's where kept, no one came, so I went into the service center and they told me the atv was up at the sale department, so I loaded my ramps back up and drove back over to the sales department, where the salesmen was standing waiting on me after telling me to go to the service center. The salesman tried to explain how everything worked on the Atv, but knew nothing. I was about to load the Atv and I notice how dirty the atv was, rusted parts, tarnishing rims, ripped shifter dust cover, and heat shield tape under fender coming off, as well as the left front fender having two big gouges and a long scratch on it. I told the salesman that this was unacceptable and it was not going to work for me, because I take good care of my merchandise and this was way to expensive to have this many thing wrong for me to except it. The salesman took back to the service department and had me look over several (7) other Coleman Trail Tamer 500 models, and they where just as bad of shape, so we went to the sales manager and told him of the problems, and he offered me a $200.00 gift card for inconveniences and I could contact warranty about getting the other problems corrected, I took the $200.00 for all the inconveniences that I when through and loaded the atv so I could get back home (123 miles away). When I arrived home I contacted my insurance company and discovered that Cabela's had SOLD ME A 2012 model For the price of a w 2013 Model and the Atv HAD 8 MILES on the meter.( which was obviously used around the lot or someone else had had) This is total dishonesty and deceitful practices on behave of Cabela's. I was lied to from day one on putting a new one together for me. I will contact my lawyer, BBB, the Attorney general, as well as alert any and all persons shopping at Cabela's, through blog's, facebook, complaint web sites and personal contact, until Cabela's rectifies and corrects there dishonest practices and make things right with me. Don't take me lightly, I was in a hurry, overwhelmed, and excited, and they (Cabela's) took advantage of me, but I will raise hell now that I realize what happen. James Weaver

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