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18181 W. 53rd St. Shawnee, KS 66217
Phone: (913)631-6500

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Deffenbaugh Industries Inc is the largest refuse company which operates residential and commercial trash collection and disposal in the Midwest United States. The Deffenbaugh Industries Company was founded in the year 1957 and has its headquarters in Shawnee, Kansas. The Deffenbaugh Industries offers waste disposal, collection, and transportation services, quarrying services, commercial and residential recycling, and construction waste services and portable toilet services. Deffenbaugh Industries Inc was known to be Radium Petroleum Company Inc. Deffenbaugh Industries Inc has locations in Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Arkansas, and Nebraska. The privately held company also engages in landfill development and operations.

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  • By Bob Williams - Posted on: April 24, 2013

    This was is a nightmare for they send people to your home to switch service and say no obligation but have sign anyway and then tell you review it and just cancel by midnight on Tue but yet the number they circle for you to call says cose at 5 and option of leaving messages so call every number find and all same so go to contact and type it all and says after send error. Have tried calling since 11:30 on and all numb ers callsay on recording say 8-5 with no option to leave message or anything. so try going to several dif choices or places and NO LUCK not even in FAQ so go back to search and go into different places with no where option to get any message to them, ETC and now it is after 1AM and will have to call in AM and it wont be very nice. Guy said so easy to cancel yet nootion anywhere available to us on several sites for triedtheircontact and says sorry we love recycling and recycled page or ? so my opimion is they are like other door to door offers for said so easy to cancel which was thrown in at end of visit which shud of been first and should never of had sign but eft info to review all detailsand if person chose to do then allow themto do it on their own. Another way to trap people with more than headache but undue stress and no concern for people or customer but for themselves only. SO advice is BEWARE and don't do unless guy sits and reads every detailif you want to takeup yur time or don't bother at all and say Not interested when at your door no matter theirline were not selling anything. Advice is BEWARE and tellthem and don't ever believe anything door to door peope try to do for they are trained to trick you. Plus they don't tell yu nothing atbout fees, penalties, etc extra charges,, never heard of fees etc just rush to get vulnerable and ederly people too so feel no concern for possible customers so can't even imagine how their serbice would be with all hidden things mentioned in paper they never you and do it the sneaky way they do. Thanks and truly listen. Way past bed time for aready took bed time meds and no more time to mess on here for dead end matter what. BIG JOKE BE WARE ALl

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