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Domino's Pizza is the 2nd largest pizza outlet in the United States. The restaurant came into being in the year 1960 by Tom Monaghan and since then is offering delicacies to its customers. In the year 2004, Mr. Monaghan sold 93% of the company shares at nearly $1 billion to Bain Capital. It has over 10,000 franchised and corporate stores respectively in 50 states of America and in 70 economies. At Domino's Pizza, different Italian and American dishes and side dishes can be enjoyed with Pizza being the main focus. Even custom-made, traditional and other specialty pizzas are available as well.

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  • By anomymous - Posted on: September 2, 2013

    If you think the pizza is bad. try working for them. Harassment and hostile work environment at it's finest. The manager sees and hears everything and does nothing about it. Does not like to fire the bad people but complains when the good ones leaves and wonders why. $4.00 is not worth it

  • By Ryan Ellis - Posted on: September 12, 2020

    the store located in parachute Colorado is a joke, now they deliver your food on the ground which violates a string of health regs not to mention, its rude and totally uncalled for come Monday if they haven't changed this practice ill be filing federal charges on this establishment with the USDOJ, the Garfield county health dept, and the US health dept. Oh did i Mention Im the station manager of our local radio station, and i have a very popular radio show that i broadcast and stream online. i will letting our community and our listeners know what you are currently doing and firmly recommend that as a community we close your store down and we take our business to a better and local pizza shop very popular in this county. furthermore several complaints have been made on all your drivers, thinking that battlement mesa park way is a NASCAR track. from this point i will no longer call you to resolve this since it doesn't happen anyway, i will call our county and local pd both of which i know the sheriff and our parachute police chief, and have your drivers cited of which i will personally sign the citations myself if need be, im done with your violations in this community,your in gross violation of several health laws and us regulations not to mention your violating the rights of your employees by making them wear mask is a direct violation of article 71 sec 2 of the us code, furthermore none of your employees have been OSHA and medically certified, to even put one on and you are in violation of numerous OSHA regs civil liberties, not to mention the constitution itself. Get your affairs in order you folks are done...

  • By T. Spark - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    The Dominos in Colonial Beach, VA must be one of the franchised or possibly manager owned locations. Whatever it is, corporate doesn't give a rat's behind about anything that does or doesn't happen there. While they have the capacity to put out a decent product, they ultimately determine not to. The pan pizza as described on television supposedly has two layers of cheese before you ever reach the toppings of the pie. On Dominos website, you have the option to add extra cheese, ex-extra cheese or extra ex-extra cheese, but in Colonial Beach, VA you will ONLY get cheese (2.4 ounces to be specific) - regardless of what you select or pay for. On our VERY last DOMINOS ordering occassion, they sent us half a pan pie without any cheese at all (just sauce). When I called them to complain, and since I had ordered extra ex-extra cheese, they said I ordered it that way. I told them that it made no sense for me, or anyone to order PIZZA without any cheese and that someone should have questioned that (They had my phone number). He told me that some people are lactose intolerant. REALLY!?!(Don't they make lactose-free cheese yet?) Still in my own defense, I asked him- if someone were lactose intolerant, why on earth would they order a style of pizza, that by the commercial's own description comes with 2 layers of cheese before they even begin topping it? Why wouldn't they order a different style pizza if they don't want cheese? He had no answer, he wanted to be arrogant and he wanted to ruin my night. He managed to do that, but never again. We refuse to eat at ANY Dominos ever again, because you just NEVER know what you will get from these people! It's a total crap shoot; you have no idea who you are dealing with, EVER! Look how Dominos hides corporate away from the public. If you think you are on their website now, you are WRONG. There isn't one. There really isn't much corporate control over any of the stores, Bain Capital owns most of the company, and there is NO ONE to complain to in the end, except the manager and you have to pray he/she CARES. I say BOYCOTT Dominos, don't eat there at all. If you do, then deal with it. Sorry.

  • By joanz - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    the ad in which the man spits out the fish is not only disgusting but detrimental to children. It's difficult enough to get kids to eat fish without them having watched this ad. Pizza is fine once a week or so but kids need a variety of foods & your profit potential doesn't justify an ad that would discourage them from eating other foods.

  • By mike the plumber - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    bad taste to use halibut in the context that domino's did.

  • By Tom Draper - Posted on: August 28, 2013

    I was on a trip with my family and was staying at a hotel in college park, Georgia. We called the local dominos after being hung up on three times we were finally able to put in our order. The gal on the line was rude and kept putting us on hold. Our order went in at 1915 and was finally delivered at 2040. The two pizzas were cold, the dessert pizza was hard and they delivered the incorrect drinks. When we called back to the store located on Roosevelt highway and Atlanta, Georgia. We were told that if we wanted at least the correct drinks it would take another hour and then was hung up on again. Since we had a five am flight the next morning we opted to put the pizza in the micro and to purchase drinks that we could drink out of the pop machine. So our 30 dollar order turned into a 50 heartburn. This was the worst customer service that was ever given the food was cold and incorrect and the customer service was rude and disrespectful. I wont be recommending Dominos to my friends and family I was very disappointed.

  • By Lloyd - Posted on: August 20, 2013

    I just experienced the worst service of my life! Guthrie OK has a Dominoes store that CAN NOT get an order correct! I love the artisan pizza's but have yet to have one delivered in a timely manner. Tonight it was over 3 hours to get a simplw pizza delivery. Once it arrived the pizza was cold and the order was incorrect. This has happened over and over again! In the past two years we have had one correct order in about 20 attempts! We never get any of the extras we order ie dipping sauces or cinnamon treats or Parmesan bites. I will not attempt to order again - there is a PIZZA Hut, a Mazios and a KEN'S PIZZA in town nearby and we will find others to do Business with. We own and operate 2 bed and breakfast inns and we have purged the page about Dominoes from our suggested merchants book. Its time corporate cleaned house and started over in Guthrie.

  • By Michael Pyatt - Posted on: August 1, 2013

    I ordered 2 pizzas yesterday and ordered it at 12.15pm to arrive at 2.00pm. I gave a clear address, directions, to go into the building and the company name. It said on the tracker that the deliveryman had left at 1.44pm and the local one is 2 miles away. 25 minutes later I called and was told he arrived and waited outside the building doors and never entered to go to my business doors. Then they sent him back and again I waited 20 minutes, he never showed up and 10 minutes later I called the location. They said he was waiting outside even though they said he would go inside. I then waited outside for a naother 20 minutes and her arrived, pizza stone cold and I paid by card online and he said their card machine ran out of paper so there was nothing for me to sign or even a receipt. I called up and they said they were too busy to do anything and didnt even say sorry. The cost was $21/. I would love a refund and if Dominos HQ WANT A LOYal customer back then my email is for them to get back to me for a complete lack of business ethics.

  • By Cynthia Butts - Posted on: July 23, 2013

    I have been ordering from Domino's store #4180 in Douglasville, GA regularly for over a year. A few days ago, I ordered the 2 pizza for $5.99 deal online and while one of my pizzas was great, the other was overcooked, literally black around the edges and it was really dry. I contacted the store and the manager was nice and gave me a credit for one large pizza. I didn't ask for the credit, the manager offered it to me after she explained there are two ovens that cook at different temperatures. Apparently one of my pizza's was placed in the oven meant for cooking wings or other food that requires high heat. I called tonight to order the credited pizza and add a medium. Well, in order to get the 2for deal price I had to order two medium pizzas in addition to the credited large. I told the employee that I didn't need three pizzas and just opted to add a small pizza for $6.99. After fees and taxes this $6.99 pizza ended up costing more than $10.00. The employee was short in her comments and responses and to make a long story short I told her to forget the entire order. I'll call somewhere else or pick-up a frozen pizza at Kroger to avoid the attitude and lack of customer service. The pizza is great when it's cooked correctly, the customer service needs some work.

  • By barbara brown - Posted on: May 17, 2013

    we ordered a large extravanze, hot wings, and the cheese bread. the pizza was so over done it was like eating card board. the hot wings were not hot wings but the other ones they offer, the cheese bread was good. I called and asked to speak to the manager. they put me on hold. I was onhold for 22 min then hung up and re dialed them. I was so disappointed in the way thet the manager seemed to blow me off. I am calling corp. in the morning. we have gotten good pizza in the past from this store, but I don't think I will order again from them.

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