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1105 North Telegraph Road Waterford, MI 48328
Phone: (248)451-2900
Website: mi.easterseals.com

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Charity begins at home, that is what Ohio- based businessman Edgar Allen did when he lost his only son, because of the absence of proper medical aid. Initially he started a hospital in and later he founded National Society for Crippled Children. This charitable institution is dedicatedl serving several disabled children since its inception. Later in its trail to help the disabled, this charitable institution started a unique known as 'Easter Seals' campaign to cater to the needs of more special people. This campaign cumulated funds and emerged as one of the most successful campaigns of all times. Currently the entire operation is handled by the present CEO and President, Brent Wirth. Today the organisation is helping several children and adults with disabilities through the 'Easter Seals' campaign and they have more than 450 centers throughout U.S.

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