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2145 Hamilton Ave San Jose, CA 95125
Phone: (800)322-9266
Website: www.ebayinc.com

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One of the leading ecommerce enterprises, Ebay owns an online marketplace offering thousands of products. It offers a platform for both buyers and sellers to trade online. Customers can also pay online when buying or selling on Ebay, as it offers a safe medium of making the payments for its customers. Its open commerce platform is x.commerce and it allows merchants and businesses of different sizes to expand their business by expanding their consumer base. The company also holds online auctions to offer affordable products. The main aim of the company is to give a new dimension to ecommerce and connect sellers and buyers across the globe.

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  • By heather spencer - Posted on: September 9, 2020

    I am so disappointed with ebay. I enrolled to be a seller and have had nothing but problems the two weeks I was enrolled. From ebay customer service refunding buyers out of my paypal without my consent. Having the tracking number on the shipments and following the delivery process the entire time. An article was posted that ebay was backing the seller up when delays with shipment happens until September 30th when today it's only the 8th. My account is now negative $212 and after over a week with pleading and trying to find answers a customer service representative starts her first sentence with "first of all". I was shocked and livid all at the same time. I have tried to get in touch with someone over the phone about this matter for 3 weeks now only to get this attitude and still no phone call or number that actually works to call them. I am so disgusted and disappointed in this platform. I don't even know what to say or do at this point but this clearly is not over. Better Business Bureau will be my next call.

  • By J. Jones - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    In my opinion and dealings with customer service, they are useless as far as help for buyers. I informed them of a "MAFIA" style gang of sellers. If you leave a negative feedback against one member, the other sellers threaten you and will block you from their websites. They will e-message you and tell you it is because you left a negative feedback on their sister account. eBay has refused to give me the corporate attorney's phone numbers or have the attorneys call me back. They tolerate and, in my opinion, encourage this type of behavior. I am receiving e messages through eBay to my iPhone. Seven in one evening, until 2 AM. eBay stated they would send a notice. A supervisor told me they would never shut down a seller, unless it was an extreme policy violation. So, it seems, threats, MAFIA tactics and numerous messages are all allowed under eBay's "policy". They will not let me talk to an eBay corporate attorney. BEWARE BEWARE

  • By J. Jones - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    "Successfully submitted review, your review now is queued for approval?? I thought this was a forum for open opinions. "queued for approval"?? Will an attorney please call me?

  • By Cor - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    Ebay is a horrible company been a seller for 3 years I received 3 negative feedback in 3 years first they started by holding my money then 2 months later they send me an email took all my listings off said I'm banned for the rest of my life .. they said I'm not their material I said I want proof since my seller rating is a blue star and have 5 stars across they told me it's behind the scene wtf is that this company is a rip off I hope someone puts a class action suit on them and take the company down for all the wrong they have done to sellers and buyer I'm stupid for even staying with them after they returned a buyer money and I didn't get my item back .. Amazon 100% better :)

  • By Jay Prestenback - Posted on: August 11, 2013

    I have been on ebay since 2005 and they have changed into a criminal enterprise. The reason I state thios FACT is due to my experiences as a seller who was extorted by a buyer who used feedback as his tool.I contacted ebay the same day with Silvas email and his extortion promise and THEY (ebay) DID NOTHING. Ebay has become an enabler of criminal activity from TAX EVASION which this one experienced after a sale to the aforementioned EXTORTION and every scheme dreamed up by buyers inbetween ALL ILLEGAL mind you but ebay was there in support of the CRIMINAL activities. I felt that this letter was necessary in order to reach the good people in ebay..those honest and decent employees if they remain. I have been in contact with others who have a real problem understanding the word EXTORTION and its true meaning. They go through the same song and dance without resolving the most minscule problem, like EXTORTION or TAX EVASION words that escape their depleted uranium heads. Yes, ebay needs a 10 million dollar suit leveled against their sorry behinds in order to understand the meaning of CRIMINAL ACTIVITY. SINCERELY Jay Prestenback 201 Paris,ST Castroville,TX Phone: 830-931-1780

  • By JIMMY HAMMONS - Posted on: August 1, 2013


  • By Ljoh1714 - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    Bought an item as buy it now and as guest. Item not as described and when it was received, began on 7/3 a dispute with paypal and ebay. it is now 7/15/13 and matter has been suspended with ebay and in process with paypal. Will never use ebay again nor buy from any online or otherwise vendor that supports paypal. I do not want to "sign in" to register a complaint about seller whose rating is 98.6 and should be much lower because of poor description of item bordering on misleading/fraudulent.

  • By JIMMY HAMMONS - Posted on: May 18, 2013

    I DON'T WANT TO BUY OLD SIGN FROM 21clock (36727)! 21clock (36727) IS THE WORST SELLER IN TN. ON EBAY! IT'S A SCAM!

  • By JIMMY HAMMONS - Posted on: May 18, 2013

    I DON'T BUY 9" x 3" Signage Sign Commercial Restaurant Plastic FROM justwareusa THE justwareusa WORST SELLER ON EBAY! IT'S A SCAM! AND DON'T BUY FROM justwareusa THE Hacienda Heights, California SELLER!

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