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14451 Cornerstone Village Suite 250 Houston, TX 77014
Phone: (281)583-0020
Website: www.hartz-chicken.com

Company Overview

Hartz Chicken Inc was founded in its original avatar more than 40 years back. Since then it has gone through many changes and expansions in terms of associations. In the era of the '70-s and '80-s it expanded mostly through franchise. While the franchise business growth still exists, the focus shifted to expansion thin international locations in the middle part of the '90-s. it is because in the early part of the same decade, a new unit of management took over the reins. Today, there are more than 65 locations, domestic as well as international, where the company is present.

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  • By Dave - Posted on: March 19, 2013

    My wife and I heard about Hartz Chicken here in Ocean Springs MS, They say it lot better then any chicken place there is including KFC, Popeyes and more. Well let me say this, they are very wrong it was bland, no taste, dry and cost to much could went to a steak house and drink for the price I paid. The place could be better if it had flavor, and the vegetables could cook longer the only thing that had a good taste was the ice cream. The building was old and dirty some of the waitress was unfriendly, wanted to charge extra for sauce that should been on the meal cost. I believe someone from Corporate office should come around and inspect these place and taste the food once in a while. Will never be back should been a third world country meal.

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