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Post Office Box 83 Winston Salem, NC 27102
Phone: (336)725-2981

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Krispy Kreme is an American based company that owns and operates doughnuts & coffee shops. The origin of Krispy Kreme can be traced back to the 1937 when Vernon Rudolph, the founder, bought a secret doughnut recipe from a French chef from New Orleans. Rudolph then began selling the doughnuts to local grocery stores but the market became large so he started selling the doughnuts to passers-by on the sidewalk. Krispy Kreme has grown tremendously since then to become one of the leading doughnuts distributor in the country with stores all over USA and others in Australia, England, Asia, Turkey and Puerto Rico.

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  • By Mr. Ward - Posted on: August 9, 2013

    July 27, 2013, my wife and I went inside the Fairview Heights, Illinois Krispy Kreme location. The male employee was responsible for our order. Upon paying for the order, and reaching for the bag, which contained my order of a double dozen of doughnuts; I noticed that he was seriously bleeding. Sparing a whole bunch of details; the employee thought it was acceptable to give me the bag of doughnuts with blood all on the bag. I assumed I could get around this situation by putting the doughnuts in another bag. However, blood was on the boxes inside the bag and on the receipt that he had given me. I opened the box, and noticed blood inside of the box where the doughnuts were at. Not to mention, the employee had given us old broken up pieces of doughnuts of very poor quality. Upon alerting the store manager, she stated that the surveillance cameras in the store could corroborate this poor unsanitary experience. She asked us to fill out an incident report with me and my wife’s personal information. The store manager also said that an investigation would be initiated, and the Krispy Kreme Corporate Headquarters would be contacting us within three days. Well, Krispy Kreme Corporate Headquarters, nor anyone else has responded to this complaint. I am positive that blood exposure in a public restaurant is a direct violation of Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) law or regulation! I informed the store manager the employee not only was touching on the cash register, but other food utensils. I feel the situation is more significant than just giving me replacement doughnuts smooth over this disastrous service.

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