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909 Hidden Ridge Suite 600 Irving, TX 75038
Phone: (214)492-6600

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La Quinta is an American chain of hotels with limited service in the United States, Mexico and Canada. They have their headquarter at Las Colinas, an area in Irving, Texas. Their property is either franchised or owned by their own subsidiary, La Quinta Properties, Inc. They own and operate more than two hundred and ninety-five franchises and over seven hundred properties under innumerable brand names. Their initial business was started by an entrepreneur of Real Estate, Sam Barshop, along with his brother Phil, on 1968. Their first hotel was inaugurated at Antonio in Texas. Their headquarter was established in San Antonio and it remained there until 1999. After that, it was relocated to Texas.

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  • By Steve Johnson - Posted on: July 4, 2013

    The La Quinta in Granbury is the worst place to stay! The Lady who was the General Manager was the absolute best, but she resigned, the property needs new tvs, massive paint work and a whole new crew of workers, no one is kind there, anymore! We checked out early and decided to try the new Holiday Inn Express, It's wonderful, found out that the old G.M. At La Quinta works there what a pleasure. Who ever owns the La Quinta in Granbury has definitely destroyed your brand! What a dirty hotel!

  • By Rebeka Perrella - Posted on: July 22, 2013

    We have tried for four months to have a $1,400.00 plus double charge removed from our credit card to no avail. We even brought it to the attention of the manager, while we were staying at the Inn. They have been unable to fix the problem, nor will they give us the name and phone number of anyone higher up to get the problem solved. La Quinta has over $1,400.00 of our money and we do not appreciate this one bit. Until the problem is solved, we will not stay in their Inn's nor will we suggest to any of our friends that they do so. And yes, I am VERY upset about having over $1,400.00 tied up with a charge I do not owe!

  • By Kimberly Broeker - Posted on: June 30, 2013

    Well i can say way its the worst now in Galvenston,Texas on the seawall. I very disapointed with the rules that got Changed with the Pets rules. You will be losing Business cause , now my rewards won't be able too be used. I will not stand for a manger tell me too not leave my Dog which is a Lab and we paid top dollar for this room on or near 84th street tell i have too rake my dog with me in this 106 temp. Its against the law too keep in pet in your car,truck and etc. That rule is uncalled forunder25lbs. Now we won't be coming too you beautiful Hotel anymore. Their is only two places on Galvenston,Tx Beach is your company.Look of all the money this company is going too loose. well, I sure hope something gets done with this matter of everyones pets that over 25lbs. It uncalled for too be treated like this. With the repitation ya'll have its going too hurt ya'll in the long run. If i would have took my Dog in that hot heat and i got a ticket some would of paid for it ;and it wouldn't of be me. Just image you being left in a car or truck or etc, handcuff and just the windows slightly open. Thats crulty too humans espically Pets. I would Love too be able too come back if this matter can be changed. Please help me an others that have bigger dogs that Love the beach and the surrounding Atomsphere that you have with your Hotels. Thank You an God Bless. Please Help with this Matter!!!!!!!!!!

  • By olga - Posted on: May 16, 2013

    this is a review of the personnel whom i tried to make a reservation with/the 1800 number, she quoted a price of 79. for king/ok then transfered me at my req to rewards points, the person quoted me 85+ tax..then left line and never came back..I called again, by this time i already had the hotel la quinta in temple and showed 72/or 79 for king and available for the date, which i was told on my 1st call...i told the young man which answered about my experience regarding not coming back to line and leaving me on hold...he could care less, no apology no nothing,then he has the fast response of saying that location has been booked not available...i said thanks and hung up, i booked it my self on line by hitting the button when we hung up....rude/non caring/no help/no apology.....i had explained i stayed at a la quinta prior in florida and had to change to other bed due to itching, i know dogs are allowed....and ok, i love dogs...but did i get an oh im sorry, no just a no rooms available....terrible serv/ i am an awards customer, but i think after this stay, im taking my awards elsewhere...very upset with service........

  • By Catherine Herron - Posted on: April 8, 2013

    I went by La Quinta located 6563 U S Highway 49, Hattiesburg, MS 39401, in March and spoke to Ms. Missy Minter about a church group coming in from Kalamazoo, MI on April 5, 2013. I told her they would need 20 rooms and would like to know what the group rate was. She told me $70 so I proceeded to book the room. I called the pastor from Michigan, gave him her number and they conversed from there on the arrangements. A guest came in early and decided to get a room at that hotel since the others would be staying there as well. They were disappointed with the room the first night of staying there. Mr. Powell said the covers smelled musty and the toilet was not working properly and the tub was pulled out from the wall as if it had been worked on and not finished properly. Despite being offered another room, they checked out of the hotel and went to one down the street. After they informed me of the condition, I called to let Missy Minter (General Manager) know the complaint. She assured me she would have the rooms up to part and ready for the guests upon arrival. The bus got in sooner than anticipated, so our church fixed breakfast for them and they then proceeded to the hotel. It was 2:00 PM when they arrived; NOT ONE room was cleaned and ready for the guests. They did not have enough personnel in housekeeping to get rooms ready; one’s shift was over, so she left in the middle of getting rooms ready. One of the guests finally got their room on the second floor. She said when they got to the second floor, the girls in housekeeping were playing around. She had to ask them to please quickly get rooms ready because there were elderly and children who had been on the bus for 18 hours, and they were tired. They sat in the lobby until after 4:30 before they were able to get a room. Ms. Missy never once came out to apologize or try to ease the wait or anything. She was outside smoking with one of her friends. After finally getting into the rooms, listed below is what they got for their money: Soiled sheets – Ms. Niecy Page’s room Dirty towels with lipstick on them Cock roaches crawling on the walls – (this guest was changed to another room after seeing the roach, and the next room had a large cock roach on that wall) Low water pressure in all the rooms trying to take showers Room keys of each guest, fit everyone’s room The chain lock on the door in a couple of rooms, fell off the door No one took advantage of the continental breakfast because of the roaches seen in the hotel, they had to go next door to McDonalds for breakfast After complaining of everything, no one assisted them or tried to accommodate them. The Pastor of New Life Church from Kalamazoo, MI checked into the hotel after his members arrived, and he too, experienced low water pressure. He also took down all the room numbers and the complaints each one had during their stay at La Quinta. My guests accepted my recommendation to stay at this hotel. After speaking to Missy Minter, the hotel manager, I was assured they would get top quality service. Well, that was far from the truth. She didn’t even have the courtesy of addressing the group when the rooms were not ready or when the complaints began to inundate the front desk. There was only one person at the front desk to register 50 guests. Unfortunately I could not secure another hotel at this late date due to our Annual Citywide Hub Fest, all the hotels were booked. I spoke to the second General Manager Herb Brewer, and he tried to give an excuse. I even showed him the picture of the soiled sheet, but he just shook his head and repeatedly said, "Yes mam". But no recompense for all the trouble incurred. I am asking for a full refund for our guests from Kalamazoo, MI and a gratuity to our church for all the inconveniences and embarrassments endured after recommending your establishment. I hope to hear from you after your investigation real soon.

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