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One M&T Plaza Buffalo, NY 14203
Phone: (716)842-5445
Website: www.mtb.com

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MT Bank Inc is an American regional bank providing banking services. The bank was established in the year 1856 and was known as Manufacturers and Traders Bank. The bank is one among the 20 largest United States banking corporations with headquarters in New York, United States. The company provides checking and savings solutions, investment solutions, financial solutions, and mortgage loans, mutual funds, bonds etc. The company has about 2,000 ATM services and 13,000 employees. The company operates with about 750 branches throughout New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C., Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Delaware and Toronto, Canada.

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  • By K & E Schaefer - Posted on: September 10, 2013

    We have had our checking account initially with Wilmington Trust. Have been long time good standing customers. On 8-23-13, had (4) fraudulent checks totaling $4,523.00 cashed and funds were taken out of our account. Actually, came out of our over draft protection account. So we are out of $4,523.00 still as of today. Local branch we have been dealing with says on August 23, 2013 will be 10 days if they can put a RUSH on it since they know its for certain fraud. Now its 9-10-13, still no funds as they keep saying they are going to issue us provisional credit until the investigation is done. Now they are saying we will not have the REAL funds back in our account until 10-28-13. This has been a very upsetting ordeal for my husband and I. First of all, these checks should have never even went through my account because it had the improper name on the checks as to what the name was on the actual checking account. We cant wait for this is settled because we will be pulling our monthly checking and business account out of this bank and going elsewhere. Seems like the customer (we) didn't come first and made WHOLE right up front with this ordeal especially when the bank knows it and agrees with it. UNREAL !!!!!!!!

  • By Peg - Posted on: July 28, 2014

    I have recently had my M and T account compromised and have had very little assistance from the bank. My account has been frozen for over 10 days. Every time I call the fraud department, an M and T employee tells me something different. The last person I spoke with on 7/22/14 even encouraged me to use my card to pay my creditors despite a negative balance and an insufficient fee cost being posted. I have contacted the store where the fraudulent transactions occurred, filed a police report and have done more than M and T bank with NO assistance from them. M and T's slogan " Knowing What's Important" has not been relevant in my recent interactions. I realize fraud and Identity theft are very common. My experience with this ordeal has depicted that M and T Bank's communication with customers is not consistent; bank employees, while sympathetic, are not knowledgeable about the fraud process; and they do not effectively communicate to customers how the process occurs. I feel that M and T bank has totally ignored me as a customer. I was told I could not have provisional credit and had to wait the 10 days. With over 10 accounts at M and T bank, excluding 2 mortgages, I would have expected this could have helped them realize we are loyal customers. I hope my creditors are more understanding than than M and T bank. I am sorry that I had to use this forum to make a complaint. I have made one at my local branch and have called in to Customer Service. I do not feel like anyone has been listening to me at all.

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