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Match Com, L P Corporate Office & Headquarters | Dallas, TX
Match Com, L P Corporate Office Headquarters

Match Com, L P Corporate Office | Headquarters

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8300 Douglas Ave.,Ste. 800 Dallas, TX 75225
Phone: (214)576-9352
Website: www.match.com

Company Overview

Match.com LP is an American company that offers dating services online. The company operates more than 25 websites in different US states. They are popular worldwide because their services are available in different languages. Headquarters of the organization is in Dallas, Texas, while their other offices are located in San Francisco, West Hollywood, Rio De Janeiro, Tokyo and Beijing. This organization is fully owned by the popular brand IAC. In the year 2004, Guineas World Record marked the organization as world’s largest dating site that offers such versatile dating services. Gary Kerman founded the organization in the year 1993 and in 1995, the company started offering commercial services.

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Match Com, L P Reviews

There are currently 2 consumer reviews about Match Com, L P available. Share your review.

  • By M. Meade - Posted on: July 29, 2014

    Your pop-ups ARE annoying. Although I cancelled my subscription, it was still renewed and my account charged. Please discontinue AGGRESSIVE MARKETING.

  • By Pissed off - Posted on: April 16, 2013

    your company sucks! what gives you the right to have your stinking pop up ads block my email? why do you think because you want to, you have the right to invade my space? your shit pop up blocked my email for over an hour. I do not want to receive anything from your company. I do not wish to join or have anything to do with Match.Com or any other business, corporation of any monkees that have any connection to you at all. If your stinking ads block my email again or even pop up on my screen again, I'm going to file suit in the federal courts for harassment, causing undue stress, loss of income, invasion of privacy and anything else I can think of. Trust me I will think of more I might even stop in your place of business and give you clowns a few pop ups of my own and see how you jerks like it when I stop your business from functioning as you did mine! YOU CREEPS ARE WORSE THAN TELEMARKETERS, but at least people can hang up on them. your crap ads have no way to delete or get them off my screen or out of my life. You're a boil on the rectum of the world have a nice day schmucks. Oh,let me end this, by saying I am dead serious about a lawsuit. I am not a lawyer but my Pro Se win record is 21 out of 23 trials and the only reasons I lost the 2 was I filed beyond the Statute of Limitations and the other was the defendant ghad judicial immunity. Mistakes I have not made since , so be good little predators and end your annoying pop ups immediately

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