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RR 7 Box 180 Winchester, VA 22602
Phone: (540)722-4141

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Meadows Farms Nurseries Inc owns and operates a nursery and garden center with distribution locations around United States. Meadows Farms Nurseries Inc was founded in the year 1960 and has its headquarters located in Chantilly, Virginia. The company provides hardy outdoor trees and plants, mulches, seasonal plants, soil amendments, rock and fieldstone, flowering hanging baskets, herbs and vegetables, annual and perennial flowers, groundcover and pathway plants planting mixes,, fall bulbs for color, soils, and composts, home gardening supplies, including garden pots and fertilizers, concrete statuaries, wrought iron garden accents, and landscape. The company also provides various tips for the maintenance of farms.

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  • By Rick Oldfield - Posted on: May 6, 2013

    Meadow farms it pretty sad that you do not post items that tell of negative things your company does, you lied to me you ripped me off on a $250 tree I bought along with over 7 years of buying landscape plant etc.... Oh and even my family Christmas tree $85 - $100 each . Ted Zurawski lied to me and his customer service is terrible !!!! So shame on you meadow farms and Ted Zurawski !!!!

  • By Rick Oldfield - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    I was a customer at meadow farm " until " ! Over the past 7 years I have spent over $10,000 in landscaping , plants , trees , mulch oh and yes I have bought my Family Christmas tree there!!! At about $85 - $100 a pop . Well I purchased a tree for $250 to put in my back yard as a center piece ! It was a big good looking tree ! I asked all the right questions like ; where to plant it , how to plant it , how to care for it , anything and everything I could think of ! They deliveried it to my home they saw the hole I dug and stated that was perfect !!!!! WELL 3 weeks after it was planted the leaves started to die ! I called Meadow Farms and they sent 2 guys out to my home to look at the tree !!!! Well the 2 guys said that I had done everything correct and they didn't understand why it was doing what it did ! So they advised me to prune the tree back and they even showed me how to do it ! THEY PROMISED ME THAT THEY WOULD TAKE CARE OF THE TREE IF IT DIES !!!! Well guess what it died , so I called them to advise them it had died ! Well " No. " knew anything about it , I was sent from one person to another person etc.... I then spoke with a Ted Zurawski VP and told me that I was just out of luck and there was nothing he would do for me!!!!! I was shocked at his customer service and customer satisfaction . So after 7 years of doing business and $10,000 spent ! And a Wedding coming up in my backyard and a very big dead tree ! I the words of Ted Zurawski and Meadow Farms " I AM SCREWED " shame on you Ted Zurawski and meadow farms !!!!

  • By Rick Oldfield - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    LOL , I wrote two reviews and " surprise " they did not put Them on line ! Once again shame on you meadow farms for ripping me off on a $250 tree that died in less than 3 weeks of planting it . No customer service Just Give Me Your Money and get lost! $ 10,000 spent over 7 year period means nothing !!!!!

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