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Menards is one of the popular chains of store that sells equipments for improving the condition of homes. With more than two hundred and seventy stores across fourteen states in United States, Menards is a private owned company selling such useful equipments. The headquarter of the chain is located in the region of Eau Claire, in Wisconsin. Menards is accepted as the third largest and one of the most important companies, selling equipments for renovating residences. Menards does not have the obligation to reveal all the details about its sales figures, since it is a private owned undertaking. However, 'Forbes' had ranked the company as 42nd largest private company of America.

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  • By James Poley - Posted on: September 15, 2013

    I understand Menards have canceled the 10% discount for veterans. We don't get much from Anyplace else and it was special to get a little from Menards, now to take it away is kind of a Slap in the face for all of us veterans

  • By kathy - Posted on: August 5, 2013

    Dear Sir, We have a foster home in Beaver Dam Wi. We moved in our house 5 yrs ago & have been slowly remodeling we did half of our kitchen 4 yrs ago & finally able to get the rest of our cabinets we went to the store showed the associate which cabinets we have & she wrote up the order we double checked all the sizes & purchased ,we received them on Friday 8/2/2013 to realize they are completely different than what we told the girl we have they are even a darker cherry color & the pattern on the doer is different We went to the store to make sure we didn't make the mistake & the ones on display are the ones that we needed the cabinets we received are not even on display I am so very upset the manager says it's our fault we signed the contract we should have checked it over & I said we did we checked all the measurements & they were all correct .I I never thought the associate would be incompetent & order a totally different cabinet then we asked her to,we are not a contractor & put our trust in a menards associate help us to make this purchase this was only 8 cabinets but close to & $3000 which may not be a lot to some people but to this family of 6 boys its very dear. I am begging & pleading to you to make this right Thank you Kathy VanderGalien

  • By Desparatley Need a New Store - Posted on: August 15, 2013

    I am not sure who will read this; but hopefully a corporate office will note my comments. First of all... I love Menards. I am a loyal shopper and typically purchase all my needs here. Yes, at times I do shop at other competitors but only because of the distance I must drive. You see I live South East of Shelbyville.. near the Greenfield / Rushville area. I must drive almost 40 minutes to the nearest Menards. I see that you have several stores strategically located throughout Indianapolis and understandably so. I do believe that if you were to place a Menards near our area it would be very successful! I know several individuals who do prefer to shop at Menards and a lot because of the American Made products. I would ask that you consider looking at building a Menards in the South East Corner of Indianapolis. I am a bit bias but I would prefer the Greenfield area :0) But anywhere close would be great. Until then, I will still continue to shop at Menards but I must say the Home Depot located in Greenfield is very close ;0(. Thank you for your time and consideration. I do hope this is reviewed and considered an option. I will see if I can find a site for the corporate office. Thank you!

  • By Teri - Posted on: July 30, 2014

    I am extremely disappointed with how close-minded Menards is when it comes to employing disabled people. My 22 year old son is a physically fit, high-functioning autistic young man with a high school diploma and an excellent resume. He has 5 years of experience, stellar references and has only missed 1 day of work in 4 years. He has even earned 2 academic awards and 12 special olympics medals. He receives on-site job coaching services therefore Menards would not have to make any special accommodations to train or employ him. It was saddening to see the way he was disregarded at the Lincoln NE Menards job fair today. The lady that interviewed him made it obvious she didn't take him seriously and acted almost as though he was wasting her time. You could tell she was uncomfortable as she skipped over her form asking him only a couple of the questions before shooing him out with the "we'll keep your application on file for 90 days" brush off. Despite being highly qualified, my son left rejected within 5 minutes of sitting down. Menards missed out on an honest, hardworking employee because they obviously couldn't look past his disability. Shame on you.

  • By yvonne eckert - Posted on: July 3, 2013

    your rebate policy is terrible. Its complicated, takes too long, and in general is a pain. Plus corporate office only takes complains in writing. I'm done with Menards and will take business to Home Depot or Lowes.

  • By Harvery - Posted on: July 19, 2013

    I purchase Castlebrook 35 year shingles for my home on 11MAY13 and mailed in the rebate on 12MAY13. To date I haven't gotten any rebate yet. I have tried to talk to the service people at my Menards and they say they cannot help me or are they allowed to help. Just get online to Rebate International and they are no help. I looked Rebate International online through the BBB and they score them a 'F' and that rating is from A to F and F being the lowest. So I guess I am out over $200.00 rebate on my shingles and I tell you one thing I will never buy any thing from Menards again, they haven't been any help at all and they only care about the money and nothing on customer service.

  • By robert wood - Posted on: July 16, 2013

    I perchased years ago a powerwasher from menards and it never let me down til some 8 years later. I recently went to menards to purchase another one due to the performance and durability of the old one. I did purchased one but menards in Michigan city in store supervisor ed screwed me and didn't use any grease afterpurchasing a new powerwasher then after putting gas in it then it ran for about 20 minutes then the water pump assembly took a dump. Ed from menards tells me once I put gas in it I can no return it to the store in which I just took it out the box. I was told by ed the company who sold the powerwashers to lowes that they never told menards what ed told me and that menards make their own regulations over the power motor equipment. I told them I would have the gas suckedout by a qualified small engine repair shop and then return it and ed stated once you put gas in it their is no warranty its yours. Sounds like menards went south on the American public. I wish I was rich so I could by 5 minutes air time and discredit menards and show americans how we get treated from them and very poor business practices. BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE BEWARE stray away from menards you will be next but menards I do not appreciate what ed and you done to me and it wasn't right and im going to try my hardest to show you im pissed by using media coverage or small claims court .

  • By Barb & Patrick McNally - Posted on: June 25, 2013

    I'm writing to complement 2 GREAT EMPLOYEES that work at your Burlington, WI Menards. Dana Mgr. in plumbing is Great to deal with. Always helpful and She gets things done and knows what she is talking about. Wonderful !!! My Husband and I ordered a Vanity from Pace for a bath remodel we are having done and when we opened the box it looked like it was cut with a box cutter, the drawers were not assembled correctly and it was missing parts, right out of the box. I called Dana and told her our situation and asked her to re-order the vanity and we will return the other broken one and pick up the new one. Dana did that for us. The new one came into Menards Burlington and we went to pick it up and return the other. We opened the box at the store and again there was damage to one of the drawers. Dana told us to take a drawer from returned vanity and she will order a new drawer for us which she did. Thank you Dana and thank you Menards for hiring such a helpful knowledgeable person. Just a for Pace Industries they need to have better control of the quality of their product before it leaves their company. It doesn't look good for Menards either to have a supplier like this. Thank you Barb & Patrick McNally 414-704-3582 Roy Mgr. in Windows is also another great person too work with and real pleasant and friendly, and both of these people work very hard to make the Customer (Me) and I'm sure other Customers are great full for both Dana and Roy. Just wanted to let Corporate know and give them some kudos.

  • By Sandra Smith - Posted on: May 31, 2013

    I have always shopped at Menards but that will definitely change now. Menards will be the last place I will shop. In the last year I have spent quite a bit of money remodeling the house, I redid the whole inside of my house last year. This year I decided to fix the outside, including putting up a new fence in the back yard, and putting up a new shed. I bought the shed and the fencing materials and paid $59.00 for delivery charge. I received the materials and was waiting for the plans for the shed to come in mail. It never came and I call Menards and they told at me that I did not pay for the plans I looked at my receipt and the cashier did not scan the code at the top of the page even though it stated to scan. Now I was told that it would take another 6 days for the vendor to send them to me. I asked if they could email or fax them to me and was told no. If you sell kits for sheds why don't they include the plans at the time of purchase. That is like buying an electric dryer without the cord. I was very upset by this time and I told them to come and get the shed. They told me that they would but they would have to charge me another $59.00 shipping charge. I am telling everyone that I know never shop at Menards. I will be posting my complaint about Menards on Facebook, and all the other Social Media that is out there

  • By william winter - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    i have purchased many items for remodel on my cabin. i have a warped prehung door. there has been no settlement on this issue. i am not happy with the way guest relations handle compaints,there is no way to talk to a living person to settle issue,very impersonal, like beating your head against a brick wall

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