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203 Lookout Place Ste B Maitland, FL 32751
Phone: (407)629-9311

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Metro Corral Partners Inc is a cuisine restaurant and a bakery. They serve tasty pork and salmon preparation along with steak. In addition they are famous for their varied items that include Applewood Bacon Pork. The salmon item is highly remarkable. They even offer a long line of grilled food items. They also offer buffet services for lunch and dinner at affordable prices. The salad bar attracts special aspect to the dining experience. The restaurant even has meal services at only $10.99. They even serve fresh pizza rolls every day. Headquarter of the restaurant is located at Vineland Avenue, at Orlando.

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  • By J.H. - Posted on: April 3, 2013

    In my few years of working with military contracting for training and operational support and near 10 years of aquisitions for the same, I never really ran into a situation where a vendor was unwilling to negotiate any deal whatsoever beyond it's established "group discount" until Metro Corral Partners. Also, using examples that include details that are different from my request as well as an entire different group shows a lack of consideration and/or understanding of an opportunity for monthly business for the upcoming years. It really was the latter part than the first that earned this review...not the fact that a business perhaps has policy to "stick to its guns." However, the correspondence was straight to the point and courteous and I do appreciate that.

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