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1300 Arlington Heights Rd. Itasca, IL 60143
Phone: (630)438-3000
Website: www.midasinc.com

Company Overview

Midas, Inc is a chain of companies providing automotive services. More than 1,500 company-owned and franchised centers under them are operational in various regions of Canada and the United States. Other than this, Midas, Inc even operate franchised and licensed stores in different countries including Belgium, Australia, the Bahamas, Austria, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, Honduras, Spain, Poland and several other nations. Nate H. Sherman established the company in 1956 and initially they dealt with retailing of parts of exhaust systems and mufflers. During the first year of operation, the company was able to establish 100 stores across 40 states.

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  • By Larry - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    Midas in Kokomo Indiana replaced the entire exhaust system on my jeep first the guard for the cat convertor fell off - then the tail pipe fell off - then the muffler split open - upon review I found that Midas had put on sub standard parts - all parts were not even to original length of OEM parts - felt really took by Midas - will be difficult to find parts that fit

  • By Seto - Posted on: September 19, 2013

    Midas Miramar in San Diego has the worst service. Beside being crooks in overcharging, they do not do the job. They have had my car for six days and still have no news. They got paid the first time I got the car back and was not fixed. Midas what a scam. Shame on you and your franchisee.

  • By Susan - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    Chuck at the HB location ruined my engine! It had no issues except a misfire and a bank lean. Then he did an oil change and it came out with blown heads and a smoke exhaust issue it never had. The receipt proves that

  • By MELISSA D GREEN - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    Conversation started today 11:05am Melissa Green I have been taking my car to Midas locations for oil changes and other maintenance services for years, but I recently had an issue with service that makes me question whether or not I'll use Midas again. My car was towed to the Midas location on 450 S. Pickett in Alexandria, VA on Friday night (9-13-2013). When I called to speak to a representative on Saturday morning, I was placed on hold at least 6 times. After the technicians ran an engine diagnostic on my car, the same representative I spoke with that morning called me to inform me of what the technician found. When I started to ask questions, the representative was short and did not appear knowledgeable as I could hear him ask the technician questions (as he again put me on hold multiple times to get answers to my questions). When I picked up my car, the representative sat in the back office talking to his co-workers while I waited. Once I finally got the keys to my car, I got into it and noticed that the switch to my sun roof was in the "open" position - but the sun roof was not open. Please note that I was not receiving service on anything that would require the opening of my sun roof. So I immediately went in and asked "Why is my sun roof not working?" The same representative said "ma'am, we didn't perform any service on your sun roof. I can look at the issue on Monday." I e-mailed the shop on Monday with a picture of my sun roof and indicating my extreme displeasure that someone clearly had played with my sun roof and caused it to malfunction. I did not receive a reply email. As I'm driving home on Monday, my SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on AGAIN. I called the shop today and spoke to the same unhelpful representative (was AGAIN cut off while I was explaining what happened and placed on hold) to schedule an appointment to bring the car back. All I want is for them to fix out with no cost to me and I never want to deal with them again. That shop is an extremely poor example of your corporate name and I will do all that I have within my power to hopefully inform other customers of the poor service.

  • By Hedda mitchell - Posted on: May 7, 2013

    I purchased a muffler with life time warranty and now my muffler has a hole in it. When I took the car to have the muffler replaced they said they would replace the muffler but would they wanted charge us $105 for the labor, we told them that the labor was $56 when we purchased the muffler. After going back and forth on the price they agreed to honor the price. We left the car over night and they said they will call my husband when they were done. After work we contacted them after 4:30pm because we did not hear from them and they said they will not honor the price for the labor and will be charging $105 for the service. My husband told them to put the muffler on because they won't give him the muffler to have someone else put it on. The guy won't give us the manager, owner or corporate office number so we did a search on line and decided to make a complaint. This is lousy business and service I won't use Midas or recommend them to no one

  • By KMAC - Posted on: May 22, 2013

    I went to local midas shop in westbrook ct.set up appointment for 4 tires and 4 wheel alignment.They finished ahead of the time they said it would take.VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE PEOPLE,and frendly.

  • By Constance Rogers - Posted on: May 13, 2013

    I have had work done there before and was rather satisfied. What I am writing about today is a car I recently purchased. In order to sell the car the previous owner had the brakes done. I have receipts for variable brake work done as late as Jan, 2012. I walk into the store with the receipts that the former owner left in my care and I am told that they won't honor the warranty on that work. Whether or not it has been sold should not have been the issue as the work, if not done properly or with quality parts, still makes Midas liable for said work and parts. The work from January for brakes, should be honored. My vehicle got very smelly and a gentleman trying to help me pointed out that it smelled like burned brakes. It was. New shoes had been put on and why they were jammed and burning should be something Midas has to answer for. Had a wreck taken place due to faulty breaks a court of law could hold you liable for wrongful injury. It's simple, if your product failed it shouldn't matter to you who paid for it. The warranty should cover the work you do as it intended for warranties to do. Please have someone from the Customer Service Dept. contact me at 985-876-6110 or my cell 985791-9110. Thank you. I live in Houma, La and I am serviced by the Barrow Street Location in Houma.

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