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4444 W. 147th Street Midlothian, IL 60445
Phone: (800)403-8418

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Mr. Transmission for more than 50 years engages in providing transmission business. The Mr. Transmission Company provides Computer Diagnostics, Transmission Maintenance, Transmission Repair, and Transmission Rebuilds. The company also provides a nationwide warranty for its products and services. The Mr. Transmission Centers have more than 150 locations nationwide. The company also provides free performance checks which include fluid check, road evaluation, pan assessment, and lift inspection and diagnosis. Mr. Transmission also provides free local towing for any major repairs. The company also provides franchising opportunities. Mr. Transmission have professionals for its services and therefore provides customer satisfactory services.

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  • By FRANK C - Posted on: May 16, 2013

    had my vehicle serviced and was promissed 2 weeks. it turned out to be 4 weeks. the same problem was still there. i called and they stated to bring in. i was offere reimbursement for a rental while they fixed it again. guess what another 4 weeks. i negotiated the rental price trying to be nice and when i was supposed to get the check they give me the run around. they tried to return my car filthy. unprofessional and horrible service. quality was a joke. stay away. 281-755-3740-frank

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