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2202 N West Shore Blvd 5th Fl Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813)282-1225
Website: www.outback.com
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Outback Steakhouse is a chain of restaurants based on Australian theme and OSI Restaurant Partners own this chain of restaurants. Now, the company owns over six hundred restaurants at national locations and over hundred restaurants at international locations. There are 153 franchised locations of this company as well. The company has its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The restaurants serve meat dishes known for their heavy seasoning. The restaurants also put forward gluten-free menu, which comprise of standard menu items with a few variations. The company sponsors NCAA Outback Bowl and it support a number of charitable communities established in the locations of their restaurants.

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  • By Robyn Thompson - Posted on: September 18, 2013

    On 9/17/13 I had the BEST experience at OutBack Steakhouse #2143, my Waiter (Nick) was a Gentleman to be such a young person, I come to Outback several times in a month and I have never had him before, Nick was on his job!!!!!! I never ask him the same thing twice everything he bought out to me was on a tray, my food was HOT, and his Manner's GREAT!!!! Nick’s service was REMARKABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick keep up your Good Customer Service Skills, I give Nick all AAAAAAAAAAAAA’s & 5 Starsssssssssss***** Thank you

  • By Ray Hendricks - Posted on: September 16, 2020

    Wife an I have been frequent guest at the Outback Steakhouse for over 10 years at the one at, 2615 Capital Mall Dr SW, Olympia, WA 98502. Yet, these last three times we have gotten food to go from there, the food has gotten worse. The first time we, thought it was a fluke. Never had bad before. The second time we ordered steaks the seasoning was caked on like shake bake pork chops. One could only taste seasoning, there was no taste of steak. This last time 16th of September, 2020, the steak was so tough you couldn't cut it with a knife. I literally had to saw through it and chew it like leather. I called this time to complain and the acting managers response was order higher priced menu items next time. I am sorry three strikes your out for awhile.

  • By Charles S. - Posted on: August 28, 2013

    On August 28, 2013, I visited your Sparks, NV restaurant for dinner (4:30 PM) with my wife and children (party of 5). My family wanted to take me out for dinner on my birthday and I suggested your Sparks restaurant since I haven't dined there in quite some time. When we arrived and were seated, we waited approx. 5 minutes before our server (Jennifer H.) arrived at our table and she was "surprised" that nobody had taken our drink order since there were "coasters" on the table already in front of everyone (I provided a coaster to all of my family members). She had just assumed our drinks were already ordered since we had coasters in front of us (??). After returning a few minutes later with our drinks, we placed our food order with Jennifer. I specifically ordered the 6oz sirloin steak with French fries and asked for my steak to be prepared "well done." Since the steak was just a 6 ounce cut, I fully expected to have my steak prepared well done based on the fact that a 6 ounce cut of steak isn't very thick. Upon returning approx. 15-20 minutes later with our food orders, my steak was "medium" (red in most of the center) and my French fries were extremely well done (over-cooked) with many being "burnt" to the point where they were not edible. In fact, very few on the plate were edible. Another server brought our food to the table and I told her that my French fries were too well done and needed to go back to the kitchen. I asked her if I could get some fries that were not so well done and held up one of the French fires on the plate that was close to be prepared correctly asking her to have the cook prepare them without being brown. It was clear to me that the cook did not take the fries out of the fryer when they should have been taken out. I did not find out about my steak being under-cooked until later when I cut into it. I the meantime, I walked up to the hostess station and asked the young lady for a "comment card" to which she went to hand me a business card. I told her that I already had business cards for the restaurant, what I needed was a comment card. She looked at me like she wasn't understanding my request, so I had to explain to her what a comment card was. She replied, "I don't know if we have any of those, I'll need to ask my manager and let you know." She never returned to my table with an answer. While my family ate their dinners (over-cooked fries as well), I had to wait for another order of French fries to be prepared and brought to the table. After waiting which seemed like 10 minutes or so, our server, Jennifer brought another plate of over-cooked French fries to the table. I looked at her in disbelief and commented that the fries she brought were also very over-cooked (brown to burnt). She told me that it's just a brown color on the fries...WHAT? I asked her. She tried telling me that their fries were just "brown" in color and were not over-done. I "snapped" one of the fries in half and it was "brown" throughout the entire center. I told her that I was not a professional chef or cook, but lifting the French fry basket out of the hot oil much sooner would result in a good French fry and not the over-cooked French fries they were serving at the restaurant. All of the French fries on each of our plates were all over-cooked. She asked if I wanted to speak to a manager (Breeze Trebelhorn), to which I replied to her, "what would your manager tell me about the fries that I don't already know." I told her that the fries were over-cooked and were not edible, period. I don't feel that I was being unreasonable, French fries are prepared correctly, or they are not, period! The service manager (Ms. Trebelhorn) arrived at the table and I discussed the problem with her. She returned a short time later with a plate of French fries that were prepared close to what they should have been, but much, much better than I was originally served (twice). She told me that she cooked the fries herself in the kitchen and had previously warned the cooks on other occasions that the fries were being prepared "overdone." If that was in fact true, then WHY were the cooks continuing to prepare and serve over-done French fries? I don't understand... By the time I was able to eat my meal, the "medium" prepared steak was cold and my family members were done with their meals, most of the (over-cooked) French fries remaining on their plates. We did ask for "to go" boxes for my children's sandwiches, etc. I have been to many good steak houses (restaurants) in my time, but I have never been to such a poor "steak house" such as yours. The portions are small, your food is not prepared correctly and your service is poor. You have a hostess not knowing what a "comment card" is...Really? I would suggest training, training, training, for your employees. I will not be back to patronize your restaurant, in fact, I will get the word out that Outback is NOT the place to go for a good meal! In closing, I decided to see what kind of reviews are on-line (Internet) regarding your restaurant. What I found may or may not surprise you; On Trip Advisor (www.tripavisor.com), 65% of people visiting your restaurant recommend it (very poor rating) Ecorporate Office (www.ecorporateoffice.com) provides your restaurant with 2 stars out of 5 (376 Reviews For Outback Steakhouse Headquarters & Corporate Office - http://ecorporateoffices.com/OutbackSteakhouse-379). Also, very, very poor rating. After visiting your Sparks restaurant, I'm not surprised.

  • By CN - Posted on: August 25, 2013

    After being seated a waitress walking by dropped things off the tray she was carrying, the liquids including butter went all down my side. I had to go to the ladies room and wash up, trying use the soap and water to get the butter off my new capris, the waitress came into the bathroom and tried to help, she was sorry it happened. I was very upset that a manger never came to see if everything was ok until I mentioned it to our waitress. When the manager did finally come out, she handed me a business card and said call if I have to take the capris to the dry cleaner, I said to her it's butter and it has already stained my pants. She said I'm sorry, do you want seltzer water and walked away, with no real concern for the situation. I feel the least she could have done is compensate me with a free dinner in exchange for the pants and aggravation. Our food was served and I asked for some paper napkins, A1 and some brown sugar for my sweet potatoes', the waitress brought a pile of cloth napkins, I said no paper napkins, she said you should have stated that??? No one ever brought the A1, the table across from us passed there bottle to us and said they were having a bad experience with the staff to. Finally the waitress came back and said, do you need anything, I said yes the brown sugar and explained that the other guest was nice enough to give there A1, she said oh, good. ??? We were finishing up our dinner and finally the waitress came back and asked if we need more to drink or were we finished, our glasses were only empty from the time we were half way thru dinner, I said no, just bring the check!!!! What a horrible experience and to boot, I am out a pair of good carpi's, and the food was not that great............. Disappointed in the land of the rude, Bensalem PA, never again..............

  • By carol weygand - Posted on: August 23, 2013

    Prices are doubled at Niagara Falls Canada location- this is not the Outback Steakhouse your use to in the states. A Blooming Onion @ our Outback is $7.49 - here in Niagara it was $13.00. My son ordered a strip steak (the waitress brought him a filet) Normal a strip steak here cost $17.99 @ Niagara it was $34.99 one dollar short of double the cost. She gave him the wrong steak - when he asked what it was and he told her it wasn't what he wanted (she offered to get him a strip but we would have been finished while he was still waiting) SO he said he'd keep it, but after 4 bits is was blood RAW inside- he asked her to take it and cook it some more. 4 minutes later it came back STILL UNCOOKED. Our waitress was almost rude, the service was awful, we asked for more butter she never brought us any, later we asked another waitress or hostess for more bread - we never got it. Our bill came to $125.00 (which included 2 beers, my husband & son each had one) for a meal that would not have cost more then $60.00 at our hometown Outback. We got NO extras, no blooming onion because it was over priced, no extra soup or salad. Just 3 entries and 1 wasn't even the kind of steak we ordered. Then she bill us $39.99 for his filet which should have been a NY Strip (that was priced $34.99) She never even offered to take the $5.00 off our bill for HER MISTAKE - he only kept because who wants to get their meal 20 minutes after everyone else is finished. The whole experiences was terrible and the waitress was ignorant and had the attitude (These people are tourist and I'll never see them again) I am so upset still at the price I had to pay for such a bad experience and no one at Outback cared or tried to make it right. This place PRICE GOUGES and rapes the customers just because of their location. The corporate office needs to investigate this location because I'll never eat at Outback again unless it is made right. What a crazy / sad experience- so disappointed I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!

  • By Annonymous - Posted on: August 21, 2013

    I am writing on behalf of my fiancé he works at the Outback in Auburn, MA.I must say that the manager (Chris) you currently have is absolutely unreliable and ridiculous. First off I must say he is never there when his employees need him or have questions for him. He probably comes into the restaurant twice maybe three times a week. Another thing is that one of his employees was paid wrong. He was clocked in under a training account and was paid @ $10/hr instead of 12/hr and that was almost a month ago and he still hasn't gotten paid for it. He also got a raise and the manager did not put it in so therefore the employee did not get his raise until last week. So at that point he should be getting contribution pay, which he still has not gotten. This has been two weeks now. So this manager owes his employee probably over $200 and hasn't gotten any of his money that his owed to him over the last month because the manager Chris does not care about his employees.

  • By Bruce Johnson - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    Outback refuses to tell the general public about the ending of the rewards program and the new program until aug 20, 2013. All they are saying you will get a token of appreciation and nothing more. The general public has no way of calling unless you dial longdistance and I found the number on their corporate site. Not even the managers can find out what is going on. I intend to contact the BBB of Tampa to alert them to the non response from Outback to the general public.

  • By Sondra in Maryland - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    My e-mail requests to customer service for assistance in obtaining My Outback Rewards eprize were not successful. My phone call to the corporate office was no better. Although a person answered the phone, I was directed to leave a message on voicemail. Of course, no one has returned my call. My 4000 points have been taken from my account an I have nothing to show for it. I will never, ever set foot in another Outback Steakhouse again!!! The food isn't that great anyway.

  • By Tanika Smith - Posted on: June 16, 2013

    Hi, I am writing on behalf of my boyfriend Mr. Vide Reyes. He has been a faithful employee at the Metairie, La Outback Steakhouse for over 12 years and was fired two days ago over a disagreement with a manager. Nothing was wrong with the food or his performance but this particular manager and the managers at this location has treated him with nothing but disrespect for years. He has told me stories of how other employees, some younger and some whom have been there less years, have done worst things and haven't been reprimanded but they constantly antagonize him for whatever reason. Another big issue we are having is that in November of last year Vide was rushed to the emergency room one evening and was diagnosed with Diverticulitis which is a condition where a sac in the intestines is punctured and causes fluids to be released into the stomach causing a fatal infection. He had to undergo an emergency colonoscopy that same night and recovery was from three to five months. During this time he had to wear a colostomy bag which he still wears to this day. We all made sure that his managers were notified. He also notified them as soon as he was able to speak. After a month or two he was sent a letter stating that he would be able to get financial assistance for the time he was out until the time he was able to return since he has been an employee for so long. He was in constant contact with the people taking care of his case, they took his bank information and informed him he would receive funds within that month. He kept calling to check on his case being that Outback was his only source of income. They then told him that he would not be receiving any funds and he had up to a week or two to return to his job because they weren't going to hold his position. They led him to believe he would get some sort of assistance while he was out of work do to his unfortunate situation. The managers at this Outback treat their employees very poorly. Vide is now reaching out to see what further actions he should take for the way they have mistreated him, a veteran employee for over 12 years. Thank you for your time and we hope o hear from you soon.

  • By Alexis - Posted on: May 24, 2013

    I work at Outback Steakhouse in MD and I take my job seriously by trying to abide by every rule but its hard when the management doesn't and my husband suffers. My husband has been at outback going on 4years, never received a vacation and he works a good 35-40 hours a week, always goes in when the kitchen manager calls when nobody else will go in, yet he is treated like crap there. And because e is not confrontational I'm writing this and soon will be calling corporate. The rule in outback is that "you are not allows to be the spouse or relative of a manager" yet the kitchen managers wife works there and gets the easiest schedule, 3-4days working almost over time whereas my husband and also his good friend work 6days at times making 35-37hours. The kitchen manager minus my husband and his friend has his entire family in the kitchen: his wife, his brother in law who he made the assistant kitchen manager yet after asking my husband, his cousins, and his brother-in-law's mother in law and all of them are treated fairly whenever they make request off its no problem, but when my husband or his friend need a day off, it gets declined or the manager makes then work 6days getting only the day requested off or they'll work 3-4das making 20hours because he doesn't like that they requested days off. Both my husband and his friend are new fathers and hardly get anytime with family because of their schedules. I hate to complain but the situation that is occurring is ridiculous and I hate to see people taken advantage of because I'm so close to snapping on the kitchen manager for my husband. Every year hen vacation comes around and my husband asks for his te manager makes up excuses like its going to e busy or everyone is going on vacation that week, which is a bunch if bull because he will give his wife his brother in law and cousins vacation left and right. He shouldn't be allowed to be manager especially with his wife working in the same part as him as there is way to much favoritism in the kitchen. Please help my situation, I'm tired if seeing people I care about mistreated

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