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150 West Church Avenue Maryville, TN 37801
Phone: (865)379-5700

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Ruby Tuesday owns a chain of restaurants and is in the casual dining business. It focus mainly on offering quality and fresh food on its menu and it is known for its premium burgers. Founded back in 1972, the company is owned publicly and it runs almost nine hundred restaurants across different locations with its headquarters located in Maryville, TN. Over forty thousand franchise and corporate team members work for the company. Handcrafted menu items are one of the unique points about this chain of restaurants. It also put forward gift cards, free ground shipping, and bonus coupons to the customers as well.

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  • By Jenny Bayless - Posted on: September 6, 2013

    My husband and I went to Ruby on August 29th, 2013, located at Peacock in Port St.Lucie, Florida. Very bad experience, As we were talking a roach ran across the table. I killed it and called the waitress over she saw it and said she was sorry but they left us and went and took order from another couple. Did not clean the table or even put us on another table. We asked another waitress to send the manager over and when she came out she said she was sorry. This was her comment: So sorry but this is Florida and when it rains they get in. I told her that yes this is Florida and it always rains, but you should not have roach running across the table. They finally placed us at another table. I wanted to leave but we stayed. Will not go to Ruby's again. I want a letter of apology 4253 SW Callicoe, Fl 34953.

  • By Latasha Lupoe - Posted on: September 21, 2020

    I visit the location on Thornton rd Lithia springs Georgia yesterday 9/20/2020. I called my order in and was told it would be a 25 minute wait but don’t quote her on it. That was fine. So we go to the restaurant to go order section and there’s quite a few people waiting. We were there maybe less than 10 minutes when I here a voice for the kitchen screaming no. I looked up and 2 female staff members were fighting in the kitchen !!! So one other customer was saying she’s been waiting over an hour for her order. We all were just looking in shock not believing we witnessed this. So we left and so did another customer and her kids. The hostess was on the kitchen when this took place. She just came from the kitchen shaking her head and went back to her seat at the front door. This is very unacceptable and professional. First of all there’s no way that fight just happened out of nowhere. There had to have been some conversation between the 2 co worker before it got to the physical stage. Which should have been addressed at that time. I’m very disappointed in this location and I have to really think hard about visiting this location again. I tried to call corporate but was a waste of time. So hopefully this review will get to them and they will solve this situation.

  • By Mary Lynn Kapcia - Posted on: September 21, 2013

    I was at your Ruby Tuesday on 12 mile Rd. in Michigan. I insisted we go there because of the salad bar. My sister and I got up to the salad bar and saw that one of the protective glass windows to the bar was gone. They were still serving food from that area! I was appalled!! Then our soup arrived, the chicken torilla soup. It was so spicey neither one of us could eat it. I even like spicy food! We exchanged it for the chicken noodle soup... well you think they were killing the cow or making the noodles from scratch! It took a long time. They said they had to make it from scratch that is why it took so long! My great nephew's hamburger was fine. The fries were cold but he doesn't eat much fries any way. Service was hard to find when we wanted to exchange the soup. I had to get up and get the waiter.

  • By Donna - Posted on: August 29, 2013

    My husband and I's first visit to Ruby Tuesday on August 24th( 13675 U.S. HWY 1, Sebastian, Fl. 32958, Manager Richard D Welsh). Our visit was very pleasant. We were very pleased with food and service and will definitely be returning! Thanks for the hospitality!

  • By darlene souder - Posted on: July 20, 2013

    my husband and I dined at the cullman Alabama ruby Tuesdays.we had an extraordinary meal.our waitress Amanda was very well versed about the menu,and very pleasant. the bartender,made me a very special drink,that she thought I would was better than I hoped the whole experience was great.and the tarimasu was the best dessert I have ever had.thank you so much for a great meal.

  • By Mrs. Larry Fullerton - Posted on: April 2, 2013

    On March 30,2013..we went to have dinner at your Ruby Tuesdays in Battle Creek Michigan. Our server, Brendo (954) was pleasant, and was prompt we when first sat down. We placed our order, after about 5 mins, our server brought a bowl with Pasta and some very dark toppings on it, with another plate with 2 biscuits, when I informed him we had two orders an that wasn't our order her apologized and said he had wrong table! I had touched the bowl when placed in front of me! He picked up bowl of food and served couple behind us! The biscuits he left were both hard as rocks! When our server finally brought our food, my order was the shrimp, my wife had chicken with onion rings. The shrimp and onion rings were almost black, both overcooked and we had black grease on our plates. My wife took a bite of her onion rings and stated "they taste like oil" she tasted my shrimp which she said they tasted the same! Our server was informed said he would get the manager, the manager took several minutes to even appear at our table! Your resteraunt only had 3 tables and us in the entire eating area. By this time I was ready to leave! He said he would redo our shrimp and rings because it looked as though cook had overcooked everything! Really? My small side of mashed potatoes and broccoli became cold and so did my wifes chicken! He brought us the rings and shrimp the way they should have been done the first time. The manager never came back to our table! We had lost our appetite! We had a coupon for 25 percent off! The bill had that off plus one meal free! so our total was 16.94!We never ate anything after our dinner was ruined! As we were leaving we noticed the male manager was at end of bar laughing it up with patrons at the bar! We will never walk into this Ruby Tuesday again! Health Problems --by reserving touched plate, no care on how food is cooked or served or even how it appears on the plate! Poor management! He should have been back watching how plates and food are served! It definitely wasn't busy! As a server he should have refused to serve food that looked that way! Our bill should have been canceled out, and or at least next meals free, or maybe a free desert! Nothing! Very, Very Disappointing! Check#2918, Table604/1, RT7350

  • By Wayne Campbell - Posted on: March 20, 2013

    I've been coming into Ruby Tuesday from the first week the store opened.And the service is the absolute worst it has ever been. Listen, I am not a disgruntled client!! For the past year, whenever the GM is not around the store service is horrific!! I actually had two visits where my steak had to be cooked 3 times before it was right. Fortunately the Kitchen Manager took care of the issue and was very apologetic!! Last night, March 19th 2013, I waited a ridiculous amount of time for A Childs Pasta and a Complete grilled chicken breast!! What did I get? A breast that was the size of a small chicken tender and extremely dry pasta. The bar tender was very nice and got more cheese for this extremely dry dish!! Once it was discovered I had the wrong piece of meat, they were suppose to cook the other half. So, there I was with an extreme dry pasta dish waiting on the other half; It never came out!! I was very upset and had a few coice words:However, I paid for my dish in full and even tipped my Bar Tender 5 dollars for a14 dollar food bill. Solution: Keep the GM working every shift(unrealistic)and/or hire a 2nd in command, Gail, maybe things will get better.As for now, the worst service I have ever had in the 43 states, 4 countries I have traveled!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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