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3001 Colorado Blvd. Denton, TX 76210
Phone: (940)898-7500

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Sally Beauty Holdings, Inc is known as SBH in short. It had been established in 1964 in New Orleans and is headquartered in Denton currently. It is an international specialty retailer as well as distributor of professional cosmetic supplies. Over 3,100 of its stores sell more than 6,000 skin, hair and nail products. It has extensive choice of proprietary merchandise and is also known to sell its products online. The company operates nearly 995 CosmoProf and Armstrong McCall stores selling products to beauty and salon professionals. In addition, it has 1,100 sales consultants. The company earns revenue of over $2.6 billion per year.

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  • By debra vigil - Posted on: June 16, 2013

    I ordered 12 hair dyes in April, the manager said they will be in on the following Wednesday so I went in one week later and she said they were having a hard time getting them so I came back and after a month they give me 6 dyes so I went in today and the cashier gave the manager my pick up tag and she said "it has been two months and she hasn't picked it up!" the casher went to look I heard her and replied that I had been there three times and had never received a phone call from them. So then she told the cashier to "go get them so they can get me out of the store" in front of me and her own customer. That is not nice or respectful. So then she had to get them herself and she brought me four I said you owe me six..While she went to get the herseld I told the other cashier that she was not respectful and I just wanted my money back but she said that the manager went to get them. This is the second manager at the Daly City Sally's that I have had problems with, they are both black and just have zero Customer service skills. I spend alot of money and and an a professional So what can I do with the store closest to me? I have been at sally's in La Puente,Ca=Denver, Co and most recently in Concord all nice employess except the Mission Street -Daly City store. I was so mad today I wanted to cry, I told my husband and he is mad at her too. It isn't because I have any problems with Black women because my carpoolers and best friends are wonderful black women. Again I will have to stay away from this store cause I don't want to argue with the manager again. Please let me know your actions on this matter. Debra Vigil 415-310-6612 cell

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