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228 Manhattan Beach Blvd. Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
Phone: (310)318-3100

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Robert Greenberg, who was the founder of the iconic L.A. Gear, heads Skechers USA, Inc. Skechers is famous for designing and selling footwear of athletic and lifestyle versions, founded in 1992. Their products for men, women and children are vast and varied. They manufacture sandals, boots, training shoes and sneakers- to mention a few. They even offer a wide range of street-focused and fashionable footwear under the brands of Mark Nason, Zoo York and Marc Ecko. There are six hundred and fifty stores of Skechers across one hundred and twenty countries. Variety of footwear collection by Skechers is also available over the internet. Their headquarter is located at Manhattan Beach.

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  • By Sue - Posted on: August 17, 2013

    Yesterday was the beginning of my dislike for Skechers. I buy these shoes for my 11 year old granddaughter...3-4 pairs a year = thousands of $$$ in 11 years. I purchased two pair for her last Christmas, as Christmas gifts, As well as, two pairs for summer. She actually wore this particular pair of Skechers (mid hi tennis shoes with a long zipper) for 2 months and then the zipper broke. When I finally got them back to the store yesterday (Mission Viejo Mall) the manager was so rude and unhelpful, I was actually speechless. After spending $54.00 on the shoes, they offered me $19.00 towards another pair. I asked him if this was new for Skechers, not taking care of their shoe defects and he, quite literally, waved me off and said..."this is our policy, take it or leave it...that's all you're going to get". I left it. After their fiasco with the 'shape-up' shoes, one would think they would have invested a bit of time in customer service and management. This manager was rude and totally unhelpful. Clearly, it did not matter that I had driven to Skechers 3 times to handle this situation..or...that my daughter and granddaughter were with me...or...that their product had failed. $19.00 for $54.00 shoes seemed unreasonable to me. If a company is going to charge $50-$60 for kids tennis shoes...the least they can do is guarantee their performance. I will never spend another penny at Skechers AND I will make sure everyone I know hears this story. I know it's not a tremendous amount of money, however, for me, it was the total package. The amount offered to me, the rudeness in which it was offered, the times I had to make the drive and still have no solution.

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