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6330 North Campbell Avenue Tucson, AZ 85718
Phone: (520)741-1111

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Spa one has its main office located at Rochester, New York, dealing with hospitality industry in the United States of America. The services and products they offer include maintaining wellness resorts, luxury pampering, conducting yoga and meditation excercises, photograph classes, hiking, biking, tennis, golf and fitness programs, and healthy cooking retreats. Arranging itineraries, taking tourists within the country and outside on spa vacations on pilgrimages and to historic places is its forte. For entertainment, the Spa organizes beach holidays, cruising and romantic trips. It further organizes wild-life sight seeing, sky and ocean sports, wine tours and visits to ancient thermal spas. Adventure trips, retreats for women and holistic trips for healing, birthdays and reunions are also arranged by the Spa one in an effort to help balance body, mind and soul.

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