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6200 Sprint Pkwy Overland Park, KS 66251
Phone: (913)624-6000
Website: www.sprint.com
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Sprint Nextel Corporation serves as a wireless and multiple wireline network service provider. Jacob and Cleyson Brown, under Brown Telephone Company, founded the company in the year 1899. The service was originally initiated to serve the rural regions with the wonders of telephonic technology. They are located in Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, and other regions as well. The company has its headquarters in Overland Park in Kansas and at present, Dan Hesse serves dual responsibilities as its CEO and the President. Sprint Nextel Corporation offers its valuable service under innumerable brands, such as Assurance Wireless, Sprint, Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile.

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  • By HANK LOHN - Posted on: July 1, 2013

    Your service were good at one time now I can no longer get reception due to the elimination of towers. I have used boost for years after getting screwed over by Nextel. I bought a phone new which worked perfectly last year which was an iden phone and three months later I couldn't get reception anymore then I was told I had to purchase another phone for which I spent more then $200.00, Again I have leave my home and drive two towns over to get reception because why? You eliminated towers. I am a disabled veteran and my wife is also disabled we count on these phone for our doctors appointments, emergencies and to keep in contact with our family and friends. Recently a friend of mine passed away I never knew his family called me until 4 days later when the four day old message finally reached me. I am a member a of a very large veterans organization and plan to call for a nation wide boycott of Sprint, Nextel, Boost, Assurance and Virgin Mobile.

  • By brendan - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    This is a scam! they don't disclose additional charges, they double charge you, if you can get a signal in your home they will set you up with a booster tower for an addition $120.00 and $5.00 per month. I take that as I have to pay additional to get the service i'm paying for. Total scam.

  • By andrea - Posted on: June 16, 2013

    sprint by far is the worst service i have ever had in my life. They have poor customer service, and there senior analyst does not care or value there customers. Ive tried to contact there cooperate ffice only to be spent in circles, im livid

  • By debra brooks - Posted on: May 17, 2013

    Hi I'm a new customer and it has been a problem from the start the sales rep told me when I ordered my phones that he could get me iphones 4s for free if I would choose that phone. I said ok and the sales rep gets to the end of my order and states that I have to find a old phone number to get my phones for free which was not stated at the beginning of the call, needless to say the rep left me on hold over 10 minutes and then stated ok I got approval to give you the phones for free.. The rep gives me a tracking number and tells me that everything is finished. I called to check on my order the next day and the rep tells me that the order was never completed. After completing the order again and being told that I have to find any old phone numbers that I have. I had to call back 3times to get the order processed and I finally get my phones and know I'm trying to activate my phones and I have been transferred more than 10 times and left on hold for over 10 minutes at a time I have asked to speak to managers and I'm told mangers don't have to take my call and then the rep hangs up so I will have to call back in to hold another 15 minutes before anyone picks up. The last rep name was Chris and he told me it was not his job to get my phone activated he is in sales, and then hung up..I'm on hold again 3hrs and 45 minutes of being on the phone and still my phones are not activated . SPRINT HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.I THINK I WILL JUST CANCEL THIS ACCOUNT BEFORE I'M STUCK IN IT. I'VE NEVER HEARD SO MANY RUDE REPS OVER THE PHONE IN ALL MY LIFE.

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