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12042 Blanco Road Suite 102 San Antonio, TX 78216
Phone: (210)340-8101

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The Subway is a famous restaurant franchise, which mainly sells submarine sandwiches as well as different types of salads. The restaurant is owned, managed, and operated by DAI (Doctor's Association Inc,) and it is the fastest growing franchise expanding its business all over the world. Currently the company operates about 37881 restaurants in more than 98 countries. The Subway is biggest single brand chain of restaurants having many segments across the world. Its headquarters is located in Milford, Connecticut and it has five centers, which supports the operations of the chain of restaurants. The core food of this restaurant is submarine sandwich and the menu also includes many other food products like wraps, salad, baked goods.

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  • By diamond - Posted on: March 9, 2013

    I love subway, i actually used to eat it a lot but after my experience yesterday, i wont be going for a long time! #1 i want to know why none of your stores have napkins out for your customers? You cant be that cheap to hide them behind the counter! Do you guys like eating and having no napkins to wipe your hands off?? Almost ALL the subways i have gone to in Mass and CT none of the workers put napkins in the bag. #2 i had seen your undercover boss show... i know your workers got timed for their service, my question is.. why the hell are your workers slow?! Like they don't care at all. My lunch is 30 min... the worker was sooooooo slow at making my sandwich and took even longer cashing me out. He made my sandwich then made me wait to pay until he made the next customers order too which doesn't make sense. They always have two people "working" but only one person making sandwiches while the second person us going bs in the back knowing there is a line full of people waiting. Over all my experience was so bad i decided i wasn't going to go anymore.

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