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Taco Bell Corporate Office & Headquarters | Irvine, CA
Taco Bell Corporate Office Headquarters

Taco Bell Corporate Office | Headquarters

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17901 Von Karman Avenue Irvine, CA 92614
Phone: (949)863-4500
Website: www.tacobell.com
Reviews: 14 WRITE REVIEW

Company Overview

An American restaurant chain of fast food, Taco Bell is famous for serving Tex-Mex variety of food. The restaurant is based in the region of Irvine, in California and is a notable subsidiary of famous Yum! Brands, Inc. The restaurant went public in the year 1970. A compact version of first Taco Bell Express was launched in 1991, in San Francisco. The company has over 5,800 restaurants all over the United States and serves around two billion customers every year. However, eighty percent of the total number of the restaurants under this chain is operated and even owned under independent franchisees.

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Taco Bell Reviews

There are currently 14 consumer reviews about Taco Bell available. Share your review.

  • By Donald Henry Sabathier - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    My wife and I just went thru the drive up at your store at 11623 Shadowcreek Parkway, Pearland, TX 77584. We ordered 8 Crispy Tacos Supreme and when we got home and opened the bag, there were only seven. I tried to complain to the store directly, but when I entered the time as was required on the contact form, it would not accept it any any format I tried. We are not happy with you people!! The prices seem to be going up and the quality is not.

  • By Jordan - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    Really upset that the volcano tacos are gone. One of the best things on the menu

  • By VERY CONCERNED - Posted on: August 26, 2013

    AS FOR CALIFORNA TAOC BELL NOY SURE... Taco bell on south business drive Sheboygan wis needs ur assistance BADLY with there over all operation standard. lack of products food soda supplies.. I as an employee of this company don't like writing this review.. I would feel as a hole the brand is being supported just needs some assistance. maybe a spy like a ceo as a common employee for a month to see issues. also see there are people that are asked to do work that aren't competent enough to use crayons, while others are asked to do work as a compensation for this issue. as a team u should work as a unit. not single units confusing food orders or chorus.

  • By Lisa P - Posted on: July 7, 2013

    If it was available, i would have given a NEGATIVE RATING. The Taco Bell in Baker, CA is the absolute worst Taco Bell I have EVER been to. We walked in at 8:30 pm on Saturday July 6, 2013. Went to use the restroom, which was disgustingly dirty…….. good thing we had a pack of diaper wipes and disinfectant spray. Came out of the restroom to find half of the tables had the chairs put up on them like they were closed. We asked the girl if they were closed and she said they were closing at 9. We ordered our food. When we got our tacos, the meat was so hot (like it was zapped to order) my 21 month old grand-daughter burned her mouth. While sitting at the table, I noticed that the employees seemed very irritated when any customers walked in. People came in a few minutes after we sat down at our table to wait for our food. The people ordered their food to eat in Taco Bell. When they received their food, it was all bagged up, ready to go. They sat at a table and ate. The next customers, their food was packed to go also. A couple of customers walked in at 8:46, and they were told by one girl that they were closed, so the lady asked if they could order using the drive thru window. The girl told her they could not order at all. Seconds later, the other girl told the lady she could order right now. We were finished at 8:50, and my 3 year old grand-daughter needed to use the restroom before we left for the remainder of our trip from CA to Vegas. The girl told my daughter she could not use the restroom. She had to run her next door……didn’t make it time! I will NEVER visit that Taco Bell again. This Taco Bell makes me not want to eat at any Taco Bell ever again. It would be hard to never eat at any Taco Bell because of my 2 grand-daughters who absolutely LOVE Taco bell Kid’s Meals. I will not deprive them of their favorite meal, but we can always drive thru elsewhere for the adults.

  • By chris - Posted on: July 4, 2013

    Had 4 lg rootbeers and they werent even filled. Opened the lid and the all were only 1/2 full really! Wheres the rest? Not to mention no pina colada or pink lemonade freezes. Its been 110 deg last few days. and still hot and no freezes.

  • By Mike S - Posted on: July 2, 2013

    Taco Bell use to have a bun taco several years ago and it was my favorite item on the list. Why don't you bring it back?

  • By Bill Thomas - Posted on: July 16, 2013

    During the TV showing of the MLB All Star game tonight, there were multiple repeats of the commercial with your corporate chef wielding a chef's knife at several of her sous chefs. This is inappropriate behavior for any member of a kitchen staff, much less the lead chef for Taco Bell. Safety first, a priority in any kitchen. This commercial shows kids that the way to get your point across is to whip a huge knife at people. It is unsafe and the commercial should be changed. Your Executive Chef could get her point across by perhaps pointing at her sous chefs with her hand, not waving a 12" knife like a bayonet. As a kitchen manager at a major restaurant chain, if any of my staff or myself were to waive a knife at another employee, whether in fun or as your commercial shows, there would be instant disciplinary actions, leading to, if not on the spot, termination. Perhaps Taco Bell should remove this commercial and re-write it, then put it back on TV.

  • By michelle - Posted on: July 1, 2013

    Love taco bell but it seems store # 4502 in Lewisville.Texas can never get my order, they are so quick to charge for.extra cheese.but never put it on ur food. Like tonight i went and ordered food and the forgot to give me a item but the manager was being rude and tried saying its in the bag and i pulled everything out of the bag and then she was like you didnt order it and then i pull out my receipt and she was like oh here it is...the management is extremely terrible here would rather drive across town then ever come to this location again.

  • By Dave Barnett - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    Taco Bell employees all over the place except the front counter, the woman in front of me held a Taco Bell bag, yep wrong order from the drive-up. The rest of us were waiting to have our orders taken, and waiting and waiting, finally I yelled "is anyone working here"? Finally a young man came forward, "hell there's only four up here", that's what set me off. I wouldn't eat here if it was the last place on earth, but the wife like this crap>

  • By Samantha Clark - Posted on: May 12, 2013

    I went in to Taco Bell Store # 024550 in Cape Coral, Fl. The meat was so hot that when I took a bite, it squirted onto my face and burned me! It is literally burnt from this. I told the manager and he said it was set at the right temp. I know that it was way hotter than normal. He didn't seem to care that my face was red and burning. The ice machine in the lobby wasn't working and he didn't even offer any ice for my face.I used to eat at Taco Bell a lot, but I won't anymore. Not after this visit!

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