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Village Inn Corporate Office & Headquarters | Springfield, MO
Village Inn Corporate Office Headquarters

Village Inn Corporate Office | Headquarters

Avarage Rating:
909 East Republic Road Springfield, MO 65807
Phone: (417)887-1783
Website: www.villageinn.com

Company Overview

Village Inn is a restaurant chain and is highly reputed for breakfast menu consisting of pancakes, buttermilk, crepes, eggs and even omelettes. The restaurant also offers sandwiches, melts, burgers, salads and other dinner items. The company is highly reputed to offer quality pies and have even been awarded for these tasty servings from American Pie Council. Merton Anderson and James Mola initiated the Village Inn after which the first restaurant of Village Inn Pancake House came into operation in 1958 at Denver. In 1982, the company transformed into a publicly traded VICORP Restaurants. They offer slice of fresh pie on Wednesday Pie Rush.

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Village Inn Reviews

There are currently 3 consumer reviews about Village Inn available. Share your review.

  • By Deborah - Posted on: July 18, 2013

    Date of visit-07-17-13, location 1837 Fremont Drive, Canon City, Co 81212 Server-RHONDA, server #911 Cck #19646-1, time 16:28 Dan and Deborah, grandchildren, Harley & Vincent went to visit the above location for a drink and free pie (Wednesday). When our waitress, Rhonda, came to get our order, we told her what drinks we wanted and asked what free pie did they have? She said only the fruit pies, the peach cream pie, and the peach supreme pie. Harley asked her if they had the tin roof pie and she said no. I said some of the others had it. She said I have been here two weeks and have not seen it. She left, and Harley asked another waitress if they had the tin roof pie, and she said she would check. She came back and said yes, they did indeed have that pie and would inform our waitress. Rhonda said she would bring the pies. I must say we really waited a long time for our drinks, then our pies. Knowing that Village Inn was getting ready for their dinner shift, we took that into consideration. After we received our pies, Harley noticed a bug in her pie. Harley then found our waitress, informing her about the bug. Rhonda said, "would you like me to get the manager" and we said yes. Rhonda did approach the manager and she said he would be over shortly. It was more than shortly and we needed to leave as we had other plans for the evening. When Rhonda came back asking did the manager come to our table?. The answer was no. Harley got up and found the the manager and told him what happened. Then we all went to see him. I said, why did you not come and see us? He said your server told me what happened, but did not mention you wanted to see me. His reply to the bugs in the pie was "This happens all the time with the pies, they come in weekly and we have to toss them out because they have so many bugs in their pies." Others standing behind him had to have heard this. I said, really, you have bugs in that many pies and he said yes. They offered us another pie, we did not want that after seeing the bugs, our appetite was not up to another pie. Dan, my husband ate his pie, Vincent, my grandson had finished his pie. Harley and I had not. The comment. "we get many pies in the resturant and have to toss them out. I said, really. We have come to this location many times for pies on Wednesday, and we have come for sometime with our support group from the BM Vets Home, for our monthly meetings when it is pie day. We drop alot of bucks on the table, we did not have bugs in our pie, but we also had one of the best managers, until he was sent to Durango Village Inn. We notice that after the really nice manager left, things in operation and service was down, and our group had grown that we no longer come to this Village Inn location. As our group grew, service was not the same. In the end people, you should have made it right, bottom line. This tells us you do not have time for your mistakes, you have no time for your customers. That is a shame, costumers pay your wages, he had no comment. We had to leave, we paid for our drinks, by credit card. We had to leave. I really believe this needs your attention. I've gone to the trouble of informing you because making the comment we have many bugs in our pies and have to toss them out, was out of line, more so with other customers around. Had he come to our table, the conversation would have been private. Thank you for receiving this.

  • By marshelle - Posted on: June 28, 2013

    I visited the pace fl store today june 28. I witnessed an employee being disrespected and belittled. this is a small town so everyone knows the employees. I happen to know this young lady and know she enjoys her job. the manager proceeded to call her names and curse at her. we heard it in the dining area. this is not the first time her has belittled someone in public. while were there we got a chance to talk with her about the incident. she said she had just handed in her 2 week notice because she is leaving for school in a couple of weeks. I have witnessed verbal attacks from him that would make most people cringe. there is no need for this kind of behavior he should not be in a leadership position if this is how he treats employees. I feel that we will no longer patronize this restaurant as long as he is the manager

  • By MARIA - Posted on: April 8, 2013

    Several times my husband and I have ate at a village in and have come away disappointed in the quality of food. It also goes to the several times we have had to send our meals back because they were cold. Is there no way to keep the food hot on one meal while preparing the other? Cold soup seems to be a theme of village Inn. I have yet to be served a hot bowl or cup of soup even though I have requested it each time.

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