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702 SW 8th St. Bentonville, AR 72716
Phone: (479)273-4000
Website: www.walmart.com
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Wal-Mart Corporate office, which is sited in Bentonville Arkansas, is actually the first general office warehouse of Walmart, and then it was transformed into the headquarters of the company back in the 1980s. After the conversion, the corporate office campus of Walmart has expanded with great speed and now it encompasses fifteen building accommodating over eleven thousand staff members. Walmart corporate office serves thousands of retail outlets as well as mobile and online devices and it operates stores in many different locations. The company now own over ten thousand retail units spread around the world and employ over 2.2 million personnel across its outlets.

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  • By Linda M. - Posted on: September 7, 2013

    I needed to purchase a TV for this particular day to have for the upcoming weekend so I went online and found one. I then went to store to see what they had in the store but didn't see a deal like the one I saw online..so while in the store at 2500 W. 95th, Evergreen Park, Illinois I placed the order online with the help of a store associate (in electronics) and it stated that this was a same day pick up and I was told by the associate that I would be notified via my email when it arrives for pick up. I got the email that it was ready for pick up and when I get to the store (at 5:10 pm) to pick it up I was told that they didn't have it and that it should not have been a same day pick up and that it should have been a site to store instead...so I said okay just give me my money back so I could go somewhere else to purchase me a tv that day..I was told that I had to wait 5 days for the monies to be credited back to my debit card..I told them "no way" and that I needed my monies back now and since it was debited they should be able to give me my monies back..I then ask for a manager they called a CSS and after I had explained to her the situation she ask if I would except another tv in the store to accommodate me and I said that I would..she left for a few minutes and then another CSS came and told me that they couldn't do it..so again I ask for my monies back..she ask the associate to assist me but the associate said she couldn't so the CSS left and when she came back she said she couldn't do anything for me..so I ask for the store manager and was told that she was in a meeting so I told her that I would wait and she said that she would leave word that I was waiting to speak with her..after about a hour I ask one the associate for the store manager's name, she gave me her name (Stacy) and she told me that she (the store manager Stacy)had left for the day..I ask for the Corporate Office number and was given 1-800-WALMART, I called and explained to the person the entire situation, she told me that she would get me a head manager at this particular store..after about 15 mins. she calls me and tells me that she was unsuccessful in getting me a manager and she gives me a 1-800-966-6546 to call..(I'm still in the store and the CSS'S see me and they are aware that I'm still waiting)... so I go on and call the number that was given to me and I wait 20 mins. before speaking with someone..I again explained the situation to her and she told me she couldn't help .. so I ask her for the Corporate Office number and she told me that she couldn't give me the number but would transfer me to Customer Relations..in the process of her transferring me I got a recording stating that the extension was not valid..so I redialed and waited another 20 mins and when I spoke with this person I'm so upset that I almost couldn't talk ..I told him how I had previously waited 20 mins to speak with someone to be disconnected in the process of being transferred and then having to wait another 20 mins before now speaking with him..so he gives me the number 1-800-925-6278 and instruct me as to what I should do so that I would reach someone..I got thru and was speaking with Mary and after explaining to her the situation/problem and telling her what I had gone through she puts me on hold and then another person picks up and I told the person that I was holding for Mary but she insisted that I speak with her..AGAIN I explain it all to her and then she ask me for the order number (which I give her) she puts me on hold and when she returns she tells me that I'm not getting my monies returned to me that day so when I ask for her name she rattles off Latisha or Lakesha or some name similar and says to me "have a good day, bye-bye" and hangs up..all total I was in the store from 5:10 pm to 6:50 pm. I know they don't care but I'll be taking my business else where..

  • By Gloria - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    Yucca Valley California has been waiting for several years now for our local Walmart to open a Super Walmart. After much hoopla through the years a Super Walmart has finally opened. I was told by the staff that the updated store would carry more merchandise than the smaller store and have a better selection on most products. I am personally not a fan of Walmart. Kmart always carried a better quality of merchandise. Well now to get to the point. This store has nothing on the shelves. Always under stocked. I went in to purchase a small jar of vaseline but guess what! They were all out. Another week I had gone in to buy lotion. Yep, not on the shelves. I would never buy groceries at this store because they don't carry the normal size or brands that most people like. What a rip off! Get new management or at least train the manager on keeping shelves stocked. I have been in Super Walmarts in Arizona, Banning, Calif. Great stores full of merchandise and a wide selection. I will keep shopping at Stater Bros for groceries and Rite Aid for incidentals.

  • By Donald Fisher - Posted on: September 16, 2020

    I visited the Walmart in Lake Worth Texas last eve. I am VERY proud that of every business I have visited,Walmart seems to be the enterprise most dedicated to protecting their clients from contracting COVID-19.VERY commendable. My concern , of course follows.Many of our citizenry are convinced,that due to the peculiar nature of COVID-19,that it is a MAN MADE organism sent by the Chinese military for their own particular reasons.Such is not "conspiracy theory",but might be , in fact,true. It occurred to me WALMART executives might be of the same opinion . As Walmart is the largest merchandiser of Chinese products in America , is protecting your clients from COVID-19 an earnest effort to protect clients from contracting the disease, or an effort to protect share holder value from what the Chinese have,evidently,done to us at this point in history ? The money WALMART generates for the Chinese economy/government, has enabled them to finance activities detrimental to the viability of our nation.Good work,Walmart.Fly that flag high ! I hope it is the American Flag though.

  • By Maria - Posted on: August 8, 2013

    Shopping today, got home and noticed an additional tax code #10 at 6% tacked on at the bottom of my receipt. We have Tax #1 and Tax #2 but never saw a Tax #10 before. I called the Wal-Mart where we shopped and asked for the manager. He couldn't tell me what it was for. Only it might be this or might be that department, etc. I asked why he as manager was charging something he did not know about. I called the corporate office in Arkansas and they didn't have an answer. I can't believe what is going on in our beloved country with so much hidden stuff with no explanation. What do I do next to find out what I am paying for unknowingly?

  • By Wm. Gossard - Posted on: August 19, 2013

    Been visiting local Walmart and on the weekend of their grand re-opening in PA there wasn't one piece of celery on the shelves..in addition several other items were OUT. Never see any "brass" walking the store..empty shelves on every visit..probably losing $50,000 to $100,000 weekly due to empty shelves..only making money in the grocery dept. by accident. When we ask the cashier about it we are always told a "truck will be in tonight" but the next day the shelves are still empty. Where is the district manager hiding and never have seen a store manager in the 5 yrs. we've lived here. More often than not all carts are on the parking lot and you have to go there to get one. Having been a Giant Operations Mgr. for years, my advice to you is close this location...its dirty and empty..getting lower prices are not worth the aggravation to go there.

  • By Kim Province - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    I am very disappointed in your company now. My brother worked in your main office for 15 years and my parents are devoted customers. I will encourage them to stop using your store as well as everyone I know. How dare you remove Paula Deen for a word used 30 years ago yet continue to sell trash music with much worse words in them. Obviously since Mr. Walton died this company has gone down to tubes. It is all about the money now. I also realize this company does not care at all what the consumers think anymore and that you won't even read our comments. If this is not true, make your voice known to us.

  • By Nina Allen - Posted on: August 13, 2013

    I took my car into Walmart store #03709 in Atlanta, GA on August 5, 2013 for an oil change on my 2002 Chevy Impala with high mileage. I didn't pay attention to the bill, I just paid it. Later that day my engine started ticking and I checked the oil, then checked the receipt and noticed that they used 5W30 instead of 10W30. As I am a nursing student, I was not able to take the car back until August 12, 2013. I phoned the manager (Mr. Chris) and ask him why didn't I get 10W30 and he told me to return and he would correct the problem at no cost. Upon returning and again speaking, in person, with Mr. Chris the manager, he informed me that they do no carry 10W30 in the garage and I would have to purchase the oil from the store. After asking him why they didn't tell me about the oil difference upfront, he became frustrated and told me "I'm doing you a favor." I was appalled. I explained that the light weight oil has DAMAGED my engine, which not ticks and I may have to get a head job. I should be the one upset!! Now I have spend $60.00 for an oil change and may have to spend $2,000.00 to get a head job.

  • By elizabeth dean - Posted on: July 26, 2013

    called in ref. to pharmacy promised drugs were available,when I arrived they said, no hydromorphone in stock,were for hushand 3 days post op back fusion,was told to wait 4 .5 days and they would have another order,I wouldn't have a animal wait 4.5 days in pain. Incase they dont know these pills are not not enjoyment,they are for pain relief.Our they professionals or just plain stupid,this is walmart in honesdale,pa.

  • By don - Posted on: July 17, 2013

    just writing this because we have great management in store 5299 I give this manager best of services john over night management he shows a lot on how we work and appracate what we do for him jim store manager is best store manager I ever seen run a big store hope he stays there long time give im a 100% of my services great job myself looking forward moving up in the company hope soon.great job 5299

  • By Amy Rasmussen - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    Wal-mart totally Humiliated my boyfriend and I in the Coldwater, Michigan store the evening of June 3, 2013. We were already considering to end our shopping days there as every time we go to checkout we find only 3 checkout lanes available. By the time we get through and return home our milk is sour and ice cream is melted. As for last night we had $90 in groceries. My boyfriend handed the cashier his check and they refused it as they said it was a starter check. His pay checks are directly deposited in his account as nearly all employee's are now forced to do. He still has no debit card for this account and does not get out of work in time to make a withdraw. How can he provide for his family if your not excepting his checks. This was a new account but, NOT STARTER CHECKS. Also to add the wasted gas and time. We spent 45 minutes shopping and 20 minutes in the checkout. now they had to put all that food back after being taken out of coolers and freezers. Unreal... Now our shopping days are over with Wal-mart. Hard to believe that a billion dollar corporation would refuse a $90 check.

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