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1001 Fannin St.,Ste. 4000 Houston, TX 77002
Phone: (713)512-6200
Website: www.wm.com

Company Overview

Waste Management Inc is an American based company providing waste management which includes collection, transfer, resource, and resource recovery and disposal services. The company operates waste to energy facilities with headquarters in First City Towers in Houston, Texas, US. The 1894 founded company serves 20 million residential, municipal, commercial, and industrial customers throughout the United States. The number 203 in Fortune 500 operates with 367 collections, 355 transfer stations, 273 active landfill sites, and 16 wastes to energy plants, 134 recycling plants, 111 beneficial use project sites and six independent power production plant networks. In whole the company is a provider of integrated environment solutions.

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  • By melinda - Posted on: August 9, 2013

    I have been fighting for waste management to pick up my trash. I have talked to supivisors and was promised my trash would be picked up. My trash is still sitting by the road. I should not have to call in each week and fight for them to pick up my trash. I pay for this service and they dont pick up the trash!!! Horrible service! WOULD NOT RECCOMEND

  • By Donna - Posted on: July 8, 2013

    I been calling for 4 weeks to cancel my service and, and I was told last week that I have 3 year contract. I was not notified about a contract. I received a $300 bill for cancelling the service. This is the worst customer service.

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