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4288 West Dublin Granville Road Dublin, OH 43017
Phone: (614)764-3100
Website: www.wendys.com

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The Wendy's Company is the 3rd largest company for quick service hamburger in the world. The story of Wendy's Company began in 1969 when Dave Thomas opened the first of Wendy's restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. This saw a new dawn in the food industry with Wendy's developing a method of preparing fresh hamburgers on order instead of relying on the old frozen beef and mass production of food used by other restaurants. The company has expanded tremendously since its inception and currently it operates more than 6,500 company restaurants and franchises in US and in 27 other US territories and countries in the world.

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  • By BLS - Posted on: September 21, 2020

    I just purchased (supposedly and what I ordered) a Wendy's single with pickle only.....they charged me $4.89 for it....it had cheese on it and they charged me for the cheese! The french fries tasted like they put the whole box of salt on it. I will not go to Wendy's in Estero, FL again...

  • By Kathi Sauer - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    I recently went to Wendy’s in Romeo Michigan. WORST food ever. I called and talked to the franchise’s owner. He didn’t give a s&&&. I told him that I would be going to a different store and he informed me that he owned that one too. I waited ten minutes for two chilies. The guy chopping onions had his mask under his nose, one guy tried to give me a credit card that was not mine and most of these young guys Were standing around doing nothing. Obviously this owner doesn’t care about his stores and should not be allowed to stay in business. You have now lost a loyal customer as I will never go to Wendy’s again.

  • By Larry - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    You have a spin to win contest for items on your menu, I and my wife have played everyday an not won. The reason I am writing this is because you are not giving anything away free you are just giving coupons out. How cheap are you not to let people win something at least every 3 or 4 days. I like wendy's This is ridiculous I had your app but you wanted everybody to order online so I deleted it. People have the app on their phone as an advantage of going to your place. Get it together!!!!!!!

  • By Jenny - Posted on: September 18, 2020

    The wendy's on hallandale beach has got to be the most unprofessional store i have ever visited .The employees yell at there guest and treat then so disrespectful. Tonight i was screamed at and over charged to only still get my order completely incorrect.I tried to address the situation to another young lady who was actually very kind to us but the other 2 employees aggressively continued to yell at us from behind.I stated to the manager that i was going to report him to corporate and he still refused to give me his name and also slammed the window in my face.I have had bad experience at this location but today this is beyond unacceptable my food and my kids food was horrible and that is a nice way of putting it they refused to fix my order and slammed the window on my face once again.I remained in the drive thru till a manager came back he was as worse as the employees that treated us beyond poorly. I asked for his name and he refused to give it to me his reason was that he doesn't feel safe.Your kidding right we get treated like this and your in fear for your life WOW i wonder how long he has been in this line off business he needs to be scared off the savages he has working for him.When The entire order was so cold and dry we couldn't even swallow it.The cheese on the burger was so stiff tasted like plastic and the burger patty was so over cooked and dry.They told me they couldn't sell me another combo but they could charge me every item separately i was so confused when i heard that.I managed a restaurant for over 8yr and am in the hospitality i will never allow this display of action and disrespect to any guest of mines.I literally had to go spend more money and get my children food else where.I didn't feel safe eating the food there after how i was treated i could only imagine what they might have done to my food the display of actions speak for themselves.I have read the reviews in this location they are horrible.Dear corporate if you all are reading this this store needs some serious help in every department time to clean house before you keep loosing guest and right now threw this pandemic that is not something you all want to happen.I would really appreciated if corporate would reach out to me some thing must be done and i will continue to reach out to you all till it is. Thank You sincerely One of your many angry customers

  • By Michael Mariani - Posted on: September 12, 2020

    9/11/20 We will no longer purchase any of your products or visit any of your outlets because of your support for this supposed president. The United States is not a fascist nor anarchist country; we do not have a king or lineage. But, pick any day during this trump administration and the next one is worse unless you like lies, greed, and corruption. This is who you aid and abet. His real re-election platform: Ride the trump virus, destroy mail in votes and disrupt the postal service and enlist all the foreign help he can muster. THAT’S IT and nothing more. Voter suppression at its pinnacle with zero regard for national consequence, including the deaths of innocent Americans and destroying their very lively hood.  trump with your support has infected and disrupted every branch of the federal government. “It seems he learned to destroy what’s left of the past and infect the future,” said about Nixon who at least resigned. trump parallels any other world dictator and their actions that were learned but ignored similar to pre WW 2 Germany.  trump knows his reelection is lost and now all he has left is to play out his dictator, Putin tactics in the hope he can once again promote another gross con job to take over and declare his win. We don’t have a united States. The world looks at us like we’re pariahs. The future looks dim through massive pollution roll-backs, ancient coal smoke, ocean’s of oil spills, fracking, and a doomed policy. A third-rate con man who makes us a 4th rate country with your support. Please resign or stop the assaults on a country that was once a beacon of hope Our history and our ancestors can tell you that. Do not respond, Mr. Michael Mariani Family

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