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1785 South 8th Street Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Phone: (719)477-1272

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World Gym is an internationally recognized brand founded by Joe Gold in the year 1976. The physical fitness center was found in Muscle Beach in Venice, California. The company has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California, United States. The World Gym has about 200 franchisees globally in Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Mexico, Central and South America, Australia, India, Egypt, and Russia. It has locations in about 36 states of United States of America. The gym offers fitness classes, such as yoga and Pilates, MMA and boxing, weights, spin, step, dance, cardio, strength, stretch, and training for its members.

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  • By Isaias Torres - Posted on: April 19, 2013

    I have been a member of the Worlds Gym in Ft Myers Fl for the pas 21 years. I always made my payments for the year cash up front, If I noticed a flooding toilet I would let them know up front, being this was my gym where I worked out.In the end of October last year my wife suffered a heart attack, had to go for open heart surgury and was in intensive care for 7 days being she had complications. In the meantime her purse was stoplen from her hospital room and I had to cancel all credit cards, checking, and social security office had to be informed. I explained the problem to World gym manager and his answer was when can you come in to make the 10.00 payment. There customer service sucks no intreasts in maintaining a responsable client and now they are charging me a 20.00 for my credit card being out of commission. I had been making my payments in the meantime in cash. i HAD IT WITH THIS GYM AND THE LST TWO MONTHES i HAD LEFT ON MY MEMBERSHIP I am bowing out and refuse to pay any additional fees being they did not honor their contract with me on the customer service side. If they had been a little more understanding I would of made an attempt to get their before the billing cycle in order to avoied the fee, however sometimes their are other prioities in life then a 10.00 gym payment like the life of your spouse.

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