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2280 Corporate Cir., Ste. 100 Henderson, NV 89074
Phone: (702)943-7777

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Zappos is mainly an online footwear shop that deals in apparel and shoes only. The shop mostly operates in Henderson, Nevada. The store was introduced in the year 1999 by Nick Swinmurn and now it is fully owned subsidiary of the popular, Amazon.Com. Recently, storeowners are offering more products than footwear and apparel and they include eyewear and accessories in product category. Now it is regarded as one of the largest shoe stores online. Tony Hsieh and Chris Nielsen are the respected CEO and CFO of the organization. Approximately, 1,500 full time employees now are associated with this online shoe store. Yearly revenue earned by the store is $1 billion approximately.

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  • By justice - Posted on: June 2, 2013

    i have posted on facebook with no help at all!! dear corporate officials or anyone who dares to care, i am an employee through kelly services in the louisville returns department. i was recently wrote up for trying to prevent myself from heat exhaustion. i felt sick and got dizzy so i walked to the restroom to splash my face with water and get a cold paper towel on my neck. i returned to my station only to be taken to the office to receive a write up for being off task. i explained to the manager why i had left my station for no longer than 5 minutes but she didnt seem to care at all. the fans we have to cool ourselves with are no bigger than the average persons hand and only blow wind in one direction. i asked to be moved closer to the dock door to get a breeze but i was denied. i asked if i could maybe get another fan and again denied. this type of behavior has been very common within this building for far too long now. the managers in the returns department write people up for things that arent the persons fault. one girl was having trouble keeping her hair up because her hair band broke. she was written up for her hair falling down past her shoulders too many times. one person was written up for being off task 43 minutes throughout the day when no boxes were even coming down the line. so everyone would have been off task right? i have even heard a manager talking very badly about another employee right in front of other employees and the subject shouldnt have even left the office. if is trying to be a great place for people to work it sure isnt doing a good job with managers like this. in all honesty i enjoy my job and the other employees i work with but i would not recommend someone to get a job here and its all due to poor management. ps. this isnt my profile so if you are searching my name you wont find me Thursday at 3:06am Hi Jessica, we're researching who the best person is to address this issue. We know you private messaged us and will respond to your message promptly. Thursday at 12:32pm update: 4 people were fired last night from what im being told. one fired for walking to AM-Care before break time due to getting extremely overheated and another was for morning sickness because she is pregnant. she vomited in a garbage can and left for that day brought back a doctors note and was fired the next working day for getting sick in the bathroom. i have also been informed the manager responsible for all these occurrences is Lana. my friend is currently speaking with an attorney because she has a history of heart problems yet was fired for being overheated and short of breath. this manager followed her to AM-Care and wrote her up for being off task then walked her out of the building. the other two unknown at this time Thursday at 3:44pm update: today i personally suffered a write up from the same manager i have been filing complaints about. a form of retaliation from the zappos management? YES! today i had received a write up for being off task for 98 minutes. did i hit my rate of 240? no i did not, i beat the rate of expected pieces per shift with a total of 257 thats 17 more than is required. so if i am making rate everyday why am i now receiving write ups? let me tell you how this can be possible. i am being set up for termination plan and simple. i believe my manager in bad faith is creating a "paper trail" to hide a motive to discriminate or retaliate. this will not be tolerated and i can assure you there will be a civil suit filled within the next week and this will go public. 7 minutes ago

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