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4333 Amon Carter Boulevard Fort Worth, TX 76155
Phone: (817)963-1234

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American Airlines, Inc., is one of the major airlines operating in the United States. They are a subsidiary unit of AMR Corporation. Initially, the headquarter was located in the region of Murray Hill, of Midtown Manhattan. Afterwards, it was shifted to Fort Worth in Texas. They are responsible for extensive domestic and international network, including flight schedules through the Caribbean, North America, Asia/Pacific, Europe and South America. Gerard Arpey was the CEO and Chairman of the company, who was later replaced by the president of the company, Thomas W. Horton. They emerged after unification of eighty-two smaller airlines, which were acquired in 1930.

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  • By Concerned Patriot - Posted on: September 15, 2020

    How dare you allow your crew members show that only Black Lives Matter. Will never fly American again. Are crew members allowed to wear a cross? Bad decision on your part

  • By Shelley Baldwin - Posted on: August 21, 2013

    I flew out of DFW last night on my last leg to Columbus, Ohio. Before I left DFW I was appalled at the tone your employees were taking with people asking questions and your flying public as well as some of those people flying with the disabled. You might want to check who was at gates A-10 and C-24 last night between 5pm and 8pm. On a further note when I arrived at Columbus my checked baggage came off the conveyor belt in two pieces, the duffle bag and the handle that is used to pull it with. When I called attention to this your employee (at after 11:20pm)told me that American Airlines does not take any responsibility for damage to baggage. When I got home to Athens, Ohio today I began making calls. I was told I must take the bag back to the Airport to file a claim. That is a two hour drive in crappy traffic and I should not be required to make that trip. Your employee should have taken my report right then and there. I will certainly expect that your creative management will find a way to reimburse me for two pieces of luggage that are now utterly useless to me, without me having to travel 100 miles because your employee on the night of August 20th didn't know what the hell she was doing!! Shelley Baldwin New Marshfield, Ohio 45766 740-698-7137

  • By Janice Edel - Posted on: July 29, 2013

    At least Sydney, you somehow were able to get through to them. I have been trying to get a response for the last month regarding my complaint. I have posted 4 complaints on the web site and still have not received a phone call or letter. I recently sent 2 letters to the Airline with copies of all my tickets/receipts etc. That was 2 weeks ago and still no response. I am truly dissapointed in this airline. One would think they would care about passengers complaints and try to rectify the problem, instead of ignoring it. I will not give up either until I am fully reimburst plus for the fiasco of trying to get to San Diego to visit my daughter. First they said my original flight was canceled and called at 10PM the evening before I was to depart. Only to find out it was not cancelled I was bumped off of the flight. So booked a flight for the following morning, made it as far as Chicago after being told my connecting flight would be there by the attendant, it wasn't. Only to get anothter flight after 2 delays was canceled and I was told they had no more flights going to San Diego. Going on 24 hours of messing around with this airline, they booked me a flight on United. Well, guess where I ended up. In LAX, another 5 hours later I get on a puddle jumper to San Diego. To recap, I was to leave on May 22 at 5:00PM, finally arrived in SanDiego on May 23 at 7:00PM. That is 26 hours!!! Unacceptable and now to try to get a response from anyone, IMPOSSIBLE. The kicker is on my return flight they started to play the same game with me. That did not happen

  • By Sydney Martin - Posted on: May 27, 2013

    Dear Tom, Let me be quick. I was on a flight from D.C. to Kennedy in August 2012, It was one those Eagle flights. I checked my bag as usual and carried on my other bag containing my Mac computer and professional video camera including film of my wife's sermon she just completed in Virginia. As I was walking into the plane, one of YOUR employes said, "There is no more room over head we have to check your bags". I instructed your EMPLOYEE what was in my bags and they are fragile be carful. Your EMPLOYEE gave me a red ticket like I was entering a carnival.I arrived at Kennedy and I was sitting in row 18 the last row of the plane, in other words the last person to get off the plane. Where is my bag? Your company just lines up the bags and people just grab a bag without checking tagged numbers or accountability from American Airlines. AA had the nerve to chastise me about reading your web site saying they are not responsible for electronics. First thing is, where I bought my ticket it never said anything about not being responsible for electronics. Second is, post 911 where I served as a first responder for the Fire Dept. of New York I understand and know how to follow orders. Not only did I follow the direct order of one of AA fine and knowledgeable EMPLOYEES, I TOLD HIM what was in the bag. Did your human AA EMPLOYEE supercede a web site? I would think so. What would have happened to me if I disobeyed this order by YOUR EMPLOYEE? Would I have been arrested? So AA had the nerve to send me a check after 4 months of fighting to replace my bag, a pair of running shoes and underwear . I'm out over $6,000. and the tape of my wife's great sermon that I can't replace for her ministry television programing. I will never be able to replace that. I have been stone walled trying to get through to your office. I expect better from AA. I sent in all my receipts and everything else they asked for. I am a retired Rescue firefighter that responded to every plane crash in New York City until 911 happened. Disappointing is an under statement, its down right grimmy

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