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100 N. Tryon St Charlotte, NC 28255
Phone: (704)386-5681

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Bank of America is a global financial company, which deals in investing, lending, employment, transacting, and advising services. It offers a number of fiscal products as well as services to institutions, companies, and individuals. Its headquarters is located in St Charlotte North Carolina. The company offer wealth management services for individuals and offer products to companies seeking capital. For individuals it also offer home loan assistance and mortgage settlement services. It offers added services such as online banking and online bill pay. Other services offered by the company include credit cards, checking, student banking, text, and mobile banking. Borrowing services include refinance, mortgage, home equity, and auto loans and protection products include life insurance, auto insurance, and renters insurance.

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  • By George Mason - Posted on: July 29, 2014

    Your new ads that use Sweet home Alabama is racist. IN the song it says " I hope Neil Young will remember a southern man don't need him around anyhow. Please listen to Neil Young's song Southern Man and you will see why this is a problem.

  • By Lisa - Posted on: October 29, 2014

    I am not pleased at all with Bank of America. My boyfriend not I has an account with them. He has been in a foreign since July doing contract work. He was only to be there two weeks, due to their government he was there two months. Once he got his payment last week he thought he was finally going to be able to get back home to California. However, he has been hit with a roadblock by Bank of America. The foreign government whom he did work for sent his payment directly to a savings account he has with you all. This was to protect him against thieves in this country which is very high. The amount of money he was paid was too much of a safety risk for him to carry in cash or checks, therefore they deposited this money into his savings account with Bank of America. Since last week he has made numerous call to the Bank of America branch office in Los Angeles trying to find some way to get cash released so he could make it home. To no avail they have refused to help him. Each call he is told he must come back home to California, come into the branch office in Los Angeles and complete tax/government paperwork before they can unlock his account for any money to be taken from it. Will he can't get back to do this if he can't get money to get home. He needs $3200 from his account to purchase ticket to get home from where he is at. They have taken all of his information so they know it is him, they know the money is in the account but the are refusing to help him get any money from his account to get home. He is in this country on a US Passport which only allows him to be there for 90 days. He is nearing his 90 day stay. After that he must have a US Visa to be there. He can't get that either if he has no access to his account. All he wants is to come home. On top of that I am having surgery on my back on Nov. 10th and he would like to be home to be with me to help me. Please come one suggest something for me to do.

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