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1806 38th Avenue East Bradenton, FL 34208
Phone: (941)747-2355

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Founded back in 1915, Bealls is a chain of retail outlets that deals in home merchandise and affordable casual apparel. The headquarters of this company is located in Bradenton, Florida, and it owns over five hundred stores in different locations. The two main chains that the company owns include the Bealls Outlet Stores, and the Bealls Department Stores. Bellas Inc serves at the parent corporation for these chains of stores. Steve Knopik is the CEO of this company and Lorna Nagler heads the other two chains of the company. However, both the chains share the same headquarter as the parent corporation.

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  • By San Antonio Customer - Posted on: March 14, 2013

    I have shopped at your San Antonio location at Jones-Maltsberger and Thousand Oaks for 5 years. My husband and I purchased some items this last Saturday. My husband noticed the Van Huesen polos at 24.98 each. We passed on them to wait for the BOGO sale this last Wednesday. We were given a BOGO sale flier at the register during our Saturday purchases. I made a mental note to come back and buy him a couple of Van Huesen polos when the sale started.Imagine my disappointment when I saw the price of 50.00 on the Van Huesen polos. Additionally, most of the items had been doubled. There was absolutely no value in the BOGO sale. It is offensive and demeaning that Beall would blatantly use such a ploy to get customers back into the store. There is already a debatable amount of truth in all advertising, but this was low and unacceptable. I will not shop at your store again.

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