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9432 Southern Pines Blvd. Charlotte, NC 28273
Phone: (704)527-2675

Company Overview

Bojangles' Holdings, Inc owns a chain of quick-serve restaurants by the name of Bojangles' Famous Chinken 'n Biscuits. Started back in 1977, this company now has its headquarters in Charlotte NC with restaurants in different locations. The restaurants are known for their breakfast menu including made-from-scratch biscuits. It also serves biscuit sandwiches with spicy fillings. The fillings include seasoned steak or sausage, chicken fillet, cheese, egg, and country ham. The new items added to the menu are Chicken Supremes, which a boneless edition to the Bonjangles' ever-popular chicken. Richard Thomas and Jack Fulk founded this company and it also owns restaurants in many other countries.

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  • By N/A - Posted on: July 30, 2013

    Bojangles isnt the kind of resturant it needs to be and they dont care about your opions nor their employees oppion about anything.the district bosses are also rude to the employees.and it isnt right.they should be kind and caring and be concern about their employees.telling an employee to shut up isnt right and unconsintutional.Also Bojangles care if people cant eat spicy foods and wont make it where they could make it half and half and bring in more vegetables to suit their needs.Bojangles is very uncaring.

  • By Dot Lindamood - Posted on: July 28, 2013

    The Bojangles location on Hwy 707 in Murrells inlet, SC is very friendly, they smile, make you feel welcome and I was in there about 10AM this morning. That crew deserves some recognition as if you go to other fast feed places, you feel like they need go get you out in a hurry. In fact Bojangles is the ONLY fast food place I go even if it is either Saturday AM on Sunday AM. If some of them recognize you they say Good Morning, how have you been. They ARE GREAT!!!! You are very fortunate to have such a great crew at 707

  • By cindy brunson - Posted on: July 27, 2013

    My hubby and I eat at Bojangles 3 times a week are more. the biscuits are very light but we eat them dark and they go out of they way to make them for us. thank Bojangles Port Wentworth ga.

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