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1500 North Mantua Street Kent, OH 44240
Phone: (330)673-9511
Website: www.davey.com

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The Davey Tree Expert Company is the provider of horticultural services in the United States and Canada. The Davey Tree Expert Company provides its services to public utilities, private companies, local, state and federal agencies, and for various commercial, industrial, and residential customers. The Company has two operating segments namely Residential and Commercial Services sector and Utility Services sector. The Residential and Commercial Services sector provides the treatment, maintenance, preservation, cultivation, and removal of trees, shrubs and other plantations. The Utility Services sector engages in the practice of line clearing for public utilities, clearance of rights of way and chemical brush control, and the clearing of tree growth from power lines.

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  • By tim stevens - Posted on: May 15, 2013

    Davey tree experts company is the best there ever was when it comes to professional tree care with hard working, friendly, nice employees working for Davey that love there jobs. GO DAVEY AND THANK YOU FOR YOUR AWESOME WORK AT MY FARM. GO DAVEY YOUR THE VERY BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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