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7505 Metro Blvd. Minneapolis, MN 55439
Phone: (952)830-0200

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International Dairy Queen Inc is the parent corporation of Dairy Queen, which owns a chain of fast food and soft-serve restaurants. The company now owns thousands of stores across 19 countries, which includes over sixty locations in U.S. The stores owned by the company operates under different brand names, but all of them shares a common feature, which is the Dairy Queen logo highlighting the marked soft-serve ice-cream of the company. Products line up of the company includes milkshakes and malts, blended coffee drinks, sundaes, and hamburgers.

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  • By john poore - Posted on: July 28, 2014

    Sunday afternoon I visited the store in Red Oak Texas, an it was the worst visit I have had in any DQ, I was left standing in line while the counter person called other people up an took their orders! Finally after the two girls finished talking then ask if they could take my order, I ordered a chicken basket w/o the fries or drink only chicken an toast/gravy then I gave her a $20.00 dollar bill she gave me one dollar an change back, I ask what she was charging me she could not answer only that was the cost! I got my money back left the store, not to return agin. Since when is a chicken basket so expensive, I have not seen anything one thing that much anywhere in a DQ. If that is a private store then they will give the DQ a real bad reputation!!!

  • By john poore - Posted on: July 28, 2014

    Sunday afternoon I was in the store at RED Oak Texas an was treated badly by being put off while they took other orders in front of me, finally after the girls got thru talking, then one ask if I needed to order I said yes an ordered a chicken basket, one order an I was charged $18.00 I ask what I was paying for, no answer except that was the price of a chicken basket!! I don't know what the managers are trying to do but they need to make a big change in the store. I don't plan to visit that store agin an will tell other about my visit there. That is uncalled for.

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