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1201 Edwards Mill Road Raleigh, NC 27607
Phone: (919)865-1900
Website: www.lennar.com

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Lennar is a homebuilding company operating in seventeen states across the United States. LNR Property corporation looks after the commercial operation of the company. They have largely simplified the process involving buying and building variety of homes with splendid features. They even undertake customized service according to the requirements of clients. They even have effective service and facility of mortgage. Additional service through online mode adds to their advantage of accessing various Lennar families across the world. An online chat facility with consultants of the company offers great benefit. The company is operational in about 40 markets throughout the country.

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  • By Aaron Reasoner - Posted on: March 15, 2013

    I would suggest double checking all quotes and numbers given by Lennar in the Frisco, TX area. Multiple times I have called them out on incorrect figures. We are currently in the early building stages o our home and so far, we found out the size of our master bedroom was not the size they quoted us. They quoted 15x16 and the true size is 13x14. This equates to about 20% smaller. They apologized for their bad quote and offered nothing to make it better. We wanted them to make a slight addition to the plan which was adding a cover to our patio which they absolutely refused to do even though they just started framing on the foundation. They told us they couldn't do it because it would cost $7000 to re-permit. I called the city and they basically said they were blowing smoke up my a$$. When I called them out, they told me Lennar does not make ANY changes after the initial permit is granted. Funny how their mission statement brings up customer service. Once they lock you in, don't expect them to be as friendly.

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