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612 N. Orange Ave Suite C Jupiter, FL 33458
Phone: (866)743-2299

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Millers Ale House is a chain of restaurants based in Florida, which is more famous for chicken, seafood, burgers, steaks salads and similar stuffs. Most of their bistros are situated in Florida and some of them are in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, Nevada and Georgia. Its localities are named after the towns or neighborhood places where they are positioned. Since August 2012, there are 47 sites in Florida and 10 in other places. In 1988, Jack and Claire Miller opened the first Ale House in Jupiter, Florida. Most divisions of the restaurant grossed $4.1 million every year.

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  • By April - Posted on: September 3, 2013

    I went in to talk to a manager about employment. I was told that the staff was very nice. Everything was ok when I walked in, I was greeted very nicely. The manager came out he was very rude to me I just got up and left in tears. I would have never thought that a restaurant like this would have someone so unprofessional running it. I will never go back to millers in st.petersburg again

  • By manuel cendros - Posted on: September 20, 2013

    i have gone to the ale house in kendall on severa times through out the years and every time i went there all i can remember about the ale house is that they would either take forever to bring the food or the the chicken wings were bloody and chewy you know they were not cooked properli and if you send them back they would still come back the same way or if you oedered the spicy hot they wouuld bring them plain and also bleeding on the inside because they did not take the time to cook them properly furtermore the managers dont give a crab and the people cooks in the kitchen dont care . Last night i went on a date to the ale house on us1 and 136 street in miami i ordered the 35 blackened shrimp and those were good we also odered the wings and me knowing their track record iasked the waitress to make the chiken wings extra crispi and spicy hot and after 35 minutes whe i got the wings they were plain without any sauce and still were not cooked properly i told the waitress they were the wrong wings and she said we will tosed them again all they had done was splatered some sauce on top i said to her if you wouuld have brought me the sauce i could have done that but anyway live the here dont take them back i said then she took the plate in a furious way and i said to her hey dont take them back but she would not listen and took them back when they came back the wings were swiming in sauce i just left the plate there and did not eat it then after a while a manager came over and i showed the soup of chicken wings he said he was sorry that they never do chicken wings like that and offer to redue them i said no and he kept insisting and ask me why and i told him i dont want spit on my food thanks he offered me a free glass of beer and i said ok to be polite but i dont need that i can pay for my drinks and my food what i dont want is agravation when i go out to eat.

  • By concerned patron - Posted on: August 24, 2013

    These people speak the truth the loyal customers are subjected to wide range of bs. Since we come on a weekly basis they feel as though they can talk to us as if they know us personally and the customer service is out the window so much for loyalty

  • By Enrique - Posted on: June 12, 2013

    Just stop by the new Ale House on the corner of 1792 and Lee Road in Winter Park. I arrived at 12:03 and sat in the bar for lunch, my orther was taken at 12:10 and by the way I orther the special soup of the day and the special lunch a salad. I did not get the salad until afyer 12:31 pm. And the soup never arrived. If this the kind of reputation this company is looking for. Then I don't thing it will be very successfull. I pay for my drink and went next door to have my lunch. Shame on your manager.

  • By deniss red coi manager - Posted on: May 30, 2013

    Maria f. Bartender at coral gables ale housevery rude . Curses at guest. Very mean. Y is she there

  • By Hans Muster - Posted on: May 20, 2013

    I used to be a very regular Ale House customer but not any more! Two reason. First: Ale House has a corporate policy of stealing money from their clientele.If this is not true, then why is it every Ale House I frequent and pay the tap with cash, it is rounded up to the nearest nickel, dime or quarter!If there is any rounding, it should be done to the customers' benefit.It may only be a penny or two or three, but over a period of time and many locations, the theft is huge. Second:Service has deteriorated to the point where the service staff makes it seem like their jobs would be that much easier if no one showed up. I continually am amazed by the fact that staff fraternizing, gossiping and griping with each other is more important than attending to the customer.Oh yes, let us not forget that staff on their cells texting is also more important than service. I welcome your response but please don not bother if it is just going to be lip service.Hans Muster

  • By Shamink C. - Posted on: April 24, 2013

    Hello, Today is the first and the last time i would ever go into Miller"s Ale House Mt Laurel. Reason being, i ordered the roasted pork, and it was frozen in the inside.I wasn't upset because the waitress Jenna was very nice and attentive to us. what really got me upset was when i asked to speak with the manager{Darel}who looked like the cook with his attire. He came out explaining how the meat was pre-cooked and that's why it was cold!! Didn't let me speak,and walked away, came back with a free zingers coupon and that was it.when the bill came the meal was discounted off but wasn't taken off even though i didn't eat the meal.

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