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1157 Triton Drive Foster City, CA 94404
Phone: (650)578-9291
Website: www.picturepeople.com

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Picture People Inc is a chain of portrait studios in the shopping centers of United States. . The American based company was founded in 1987 and has headquarters in Plano, Texas. The former subsidiary of Hallmark Cards offers a wide range of portrait products such as photo enhancement and photo cards, various frames, canvas posters, photo cards, prints and packages etc. The company has studios in Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, Washington, West Virginia, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin.

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  • By Veverly - Posted on: September 18, 2020

    Thee absolute worst company ever..please don't waist your time energy or money with this company. My recent experience in Kennesaw, Ga at the picture people studio located inside Buy Buy Baby was an Epic waste. The photos were absolutely horrible, during the photo shoot I mentioned to the photographer that I didn't have a good feeling about the photos. BOY was I right..the photos were cut off..didn't capture complete props my 1yr old could have taken better photos.

  • By Simoneel Sidiki - Posted on: April 23, 2013

    April 23rd, 2013 To the Executive Officers of Picture People Mr. Carl Couchman, Ms Vickie Fine and others: I am a mother of five weeks old triplets and a toddler. Earlier today I went to the Picture People studios at Dulles Town Center Mall in Virginia. I took an appointment for my triplets' passport pictures and arrived promptly at the studios at 6;30 pm This was a herculean task for me as it was the triplets first outing as well as their first day out into a public space. A young girl by the name of Ashley took their pictures. She gave all three a total of ten to fifteen mins to take their pictures. The newborns were sleepy but we managed to still wake them up fairly well. Throughout the short session she did not let me see one picture of the children as she said it was not the policy of the studio. Nor did she let me pick a single picture from the few shots she took of each. At the point of payment I was again not allowed to choose a picture and told I need to pay first which I did. Again after payment of $78 for the 3 of them I was not allowed to see the pictures and told to come and collect the pictures when ready. The images have turned out to be so hideous that despite being utterly exhausted and sleep deprived, I am taking the time to write in the hope that your senior executives will read this review. For a family of triplets the $78 I spent is not a small amount it could have provided us with a decent supply of formula or diapers for a few days, instead I have wasted them on pictures which will never be used. I am now going to the Post office tomorrow to redo my pics, since they can't get worse than what I have in hand from Picture People. This will mean hauling the babies back in to the car and doing the whole thing again. All for not being extended a basic courtesy of being shown a picture before it is printed. I wish I had truly not wasted my time going to you in the first place and read some reviews before heading into your studios. I am leaving my email address simosidiki@hotmail.com I do hope that your executives respond to this message in some way.

  • By Zaida - Posted on: October 27, 2014

    Hi, My name is Zaida Sosa, and this is not the first time I have an issue with the Millenia Store. First time I went at the end, the guys was helping me he treat us and talk to us very rude because we didn’t want to buy what he said and at the end he give us the incorrect CD, so went I went home I have another kid’s CD. Yesterday I had my second appointment and I called in the morning to confirm the appointment because I didn’t see anything in the system (online). When I called, they didn’t find my appointment. At the end I spoke with the Studio Supervisor and she finally accommodate me in my previous time. When I went to the studio, I register and I was inside sitting where they told me and I received a call that I miss my appointment because I was not there, when at that moment I was inside the studio asking how many people before me. After I they take the picture of my son Mateo , all the pictures horrible, they cut my son’s hands, feet and the pumpkins at that moment I start crying of frustration because I can believe this is happening to me. After we did the re shoot they want to charge me $150 for the CD High Resolution when on the internet page shows that you guys still having the Low Resolution. Finally they say yes and I got the CD with pictures. Honestly all the time they treat us like nothing, they treat us horrible, but the only reason I stay was because I didn’t have another option. When I came home, the pictures I could not upload to my profile picture of Facebook. Facebook say that the resolution is too low, but the other CD, the first one I bought a month ago I didn’t have that problem. When I called today in the morning asking why, they said that the first one they give me the one High Resolution because of the inconvenience, but they never told me about the change of the resolution that day, so when I ask for the CD yesterday I was thinking that I can do the same things as the first one. That’s why I asked for that one. My experience in your studio is not the best one and I want somebody do something for me, I don’t want nothing free. I just want my money back. I can’t do nothing with the CD and they told me yesterday that I could share the picture, except print and I can even upload the picture of my 4 months son in Facebook, so for what I want the pictures? I made very clear that I would use it for Facebook. I need help. This supposed to be the best experience ever and I was crying yesterday because of the frustration. Please forward me back with a resolution. Thank you, Zaida Sosa 786-973-3365 zaida.sosa@yahoo.com

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