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Company Overview is an American company, helping its users in obtaining discount rates for purchases related to travel, like hotel bookings and airline tickets. Their headquarter is located at Norwalk, in Connecticut. Although they do not supply the services directly, yet helps in facilitating provisions associated with services of travel by suppliers to customers. The company gained popularity because of their services where travelers were responsible to quote their expected price on hotel rooms, airline tickets and car rentals. Their origin is linked to Walker Digital. A company based in Hong Kong, Cheung Kong Holdings, purchased a major share of Priceline at a later period.

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  • By Crystal - Posted on: September 19, 2013

    Booked room through priceline. Called the hotel as directed to request a double bed room. Hotel agent was very rude so I called priceline to request a different hotel because I didn't want to patronize a hotel that was so rude prior to me even setting foot on their property. Well of course priceline would not honor request to change hotels or issue a credit. They also wouldn't let me speak to a manager or supervisor and only would offer me an address to corporate because they claimed that corporate doesnt have a phone number. In the past I have had very good experiences with Priceline-except when it comes to car rentals, but this has been the very worst. I will think twice before using there services again. Very disappointed at the level of customer service received.

  • By Brittney Palmer - Posted on: July 22, 2013

    My uncle started to rent a car through your company, and then decided to go through another company. His card was charged for insurance at a total of $44. When I called to have the insurance charge refunded, because we did not gotten the car, I was informed that I could not get the money back due to the fact that it was past the time the vehicle was supposed to be picked up. This seem to me to be theft, who can anyone take money from another person, when they have not received anything in return. I thought priceline was supposed to be a good company, but they are proving to be more difficult then they are worth. I would appreciate a response from someone at this company. Brittney Palmer

  • By Brian Duncan Wright - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    My wife and I booked a extended stay at Howard Johnsons in Newburgh New York on 06/04/2013. We put all of the pertinent info into the Priceline app; and did not receive the date for our booking, which we have done so many times before, for what seemed like over three hours. Priceline still did not give us the right date for our extended booking at HOJOS, which was on 06/04/2013/ 06/05/2013 @ 7:34 a.m. the 1st time we made a attempt to book the room. All in all, we made three attempts to book the room. So we called customer service to rectify the situation, and we were told that it was our fault and that we would not be getting our money refunded nor a credit to our credit card. back even though we had to pay extra to book the extended stay on top of our already five day stay at the Howard Johnsons Hotel in Newburgh, New York. We believe that we were not treated with the utmost respect by the customer service staff at Priceline, and Priceline has not heard the last from us. We intend to let the authorities @ the state and federal levels know what is going on at PRICELINE as well as the news media. Someone has to carry the torch. In The Spirit of Justice, we will prevail. GUYFRIDAY

  • By priceline is a sad company - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    We booked a room through priceline and was appauled by the hotel conditions when we got to the room destination. It was nothing like what we saw in the pictures. We called priceline to oget a refund and they said they Will not cancel the reservation or give me my refund unless the hotel agrees to it.. then when i got upset they told me that they'll email me with a solution within 2 business unprofessional and i advise everyone to make sure your hotel is in good condition before yoy book because obviously priceline isnt updating website pictures....false advertisement

  • By KT - Posted on: June 22, 2013

    My trip was cancelled due to bad weather. I was unable to travel on the alternate dates set by Priceline . I have since been calling 1800-7742354 and a host of different numbers including the orporate number to get a human on the phone to book a ticket with my credit before it expires. I haven't been able to get anyone and the service options ate limited. While looking for other numbers, I found tons of bad reviews ith the same problems or similar. If this problem is not resolved through the email I sent online from the help tab, I will start a class action lawsuit to recoup my hard earned money. It's bad enough thet when I used to get a human I could barely understand the person (lack f Englisg) and the call to purchase a ticket took 2 or more hours, now ou cannot get anyone...worst. Again, I will start a class action suit if I don't recoup my funds or an alternate booking. I know many people feel my pain and are sharing it as well. Someone needs to answer the 1800- numbers. We ay for human, not automation!

  • By Dani - Posted on: June 21, 2013

    priceline quoted the big deal guarantee which gives you $25 for finding a lower price. I found a lower price right on their website and the customer service did not honor it. I was on the phone for 40 minutes and could not talk to a supervisor. That is false advertisement and I have been using them for over 6 years and that's the way they treat their customers. I am not pleased with the service and I am spending a lot of money with them too.

  • By Jerry Levine - Posted on: June 20, 2013

    I was charged by a hotel for a component that was included in a Priceline deal. The hotel people said they had had similar problems with Priceline, and that I should notify them of the extra charges (we had booked for a room with a balcony, the hotel said we would have to pay extra for the balcony). When I called Priceline, after much ado as they checked with the hotel, they said my refund would be approved. When I did not get the refund after 2 weeks, I called again. The first person I spoke to said they had not reviewed it yet. They then transferred me to Customer Relations who told me a totally different story. They said it had been approved, but the reason I hadn't seen the refund yet was because it was to take 14 business days, not 14 days, and that I would get the refund in a couple days. Several days later I got an email that said my refund request had been denied, and that I needed to fax them information. They would not let me speak to a manager. VERY MISLEADING in their dealings. Untrustworthy!!

  • By zakaria - Posted on: June 18, 2013

    I booked with Priceline not knowing that I was paying for the worst stay,worst experience for the highest price. I called Priceline, for custumer care but no one cared enough. The representatives claimed they had regulations, policies and an SOP which the couldnt provide when I asked for a copy. Customer Care was not helpful. customer relations wasnt helpful either. no manager or supervisor was available.

  • By Kelly Willis - Posted on: June 13, 2013

    After booking my hotel I began seeing other users booking the same hotel for a substantially less rate than what I paid. I contacted customer service and after being placed on hold for 15 minutes and then bounced from rep to rep I was finally able to receive a best rate credit for $39. This was still way more than anyone else is paying and the web site was also offering free parking and reduced fees at the time of my call but refused to reduce the fees I paid and they refused to give me free parking which they were offering other customers. This was the worst experience of my life and I will never book another trip on or through priceline ever again.

  • By Joleen Cameron - Posted on: June 12, 2013

    This site is not even worth the 1 star. We booked a last minute NON_SMOKING hotel room thru you, but when we got to the hotel, you booked us into a smoking room, so we can't stay at the hotel because they have no non-smoking rooms available. After 4 phone calls to the customer service center, your rep basically calls me a liar and what most likely happened is that I booked the wrong room. I KNOW THAT DID NOT HAPPEN BECAUSE WE ARE ALWAYS SO CAREFUL TO STAY IN NON-SMOKING ROOMS, WE DON'T SMOKE!!! And you refuse to refund my money. I will NEVER use this website again, and will make sure all my friends know not to use it either!

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