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2122 2nd Street Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: (239)334-8634
Website: www.ribcity.com

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Rib City is a chain of barbecue restaurants that offer a high quality of products and services. This family owned restaurant began its journey in 1989. The restaurant is now one of the renowned restaurants of the world that has reached this position through expansion under the successful leadership of Craig Peden and Paul Peden. They presently run 13 restaurants in four different nations so far across Florida, North Cape Coral, East Naples, North Fort Myers, East Fort Myers, South Fort Myers, Leigh Acres, Venice, and many other locations. The restaurant even offering franchises since 2004 and now they have 16 franchise locations across the nation.

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  • By Morris Myers - Posted on: July 13, 2013

    I hope this message reaches the CEO. I was just in your restaurant in Cookeville, Tn. I frequent this many times and usually take from 4 to 8 customers with me. Today is my birthday and since I am a club member, I was sent via email a coupon for a free appetizer with any order of 2 entrees. This I did and was told they would not honor the free appetizer coupon since it was printed to me and not from your website. The reason for the coupon being printed to me is that it would not print from your website so I copied and pasted it and then printed it out. I also ask the server to get the manager to come out and discuss the matter with me and I waited for several minutes and he never showed. This is not good for business at all. The manager should be penalized in some fashion. I was not treated as a customer but rather like someone that was trying to forge something on him. This is terrible. I have had a similar experience earlier when I purchased a gift and had trouble redeeming it. My name is Morris F. Myers - P.O. Box, Granville, Tn. I am not expecting anything free from this ordeal but think you should be made fully aware of how your Cookeville, Tn manager is operating. Regards - unless things change I will not darken the door again, I will ask all my friends to consider another eatery before Rib City and will pass along word of mouth unless I hear from you with a message that will make me change my mind. Believe me as a past business manager and restaurant owner, word of mouth advertising can be very bad for business as good word of mouth is certainly a great trait Regards

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