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100 Corporate Office Drive Earth City, MO 63045
Phone: (314)592-9100

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An American chain of discount supermarket, Save-A-Lot have their headquarter in the region of Earth City in Missouri. They are a subsidiary unit of Supervalu. Comprising of more than a thousand stores in various locations of the United States, they are engaged in trading worth over four billion US dollars every year. They deal mostly in trading of products related to grocery. They even display the items in the shipping boxes made of cardboard, for the convenience of their customers. Bill Moran founded the company in 1977, as an alternative store to supermarkets of a larger size. First store of the company was opened at Cahokia, in Illinois.

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  • By richardson - Posted on: August 23, 2013

    The Store On East 83rd Street In Chicago Never Have But One Cashier Open Regardless How Long The Line Is.Is This A Company Policy? There Are Times I Only Three Items And I Am Just Waiting.The Managres Are Not Very Friendly.

  • By DONNA EASTER - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    My local business , The Save-A-Lot HWY 52, in Lafayette TN needs you to supply them with some much sought after Oragnic, Non-GMO offerings. The store is always busy but would be packed with customers from 5 counties around it if you were to implement an ORGANIC/NON-GMO line, even an aisle and 1 foot of dairy space to the GOOD BUSINESS OF AN ALTERNATIVE TO MONSANTO ENGINEERED AND SPRAYED FOODS. . Do you know how much my Save-A-Lot is losing in revenue to Walmart across town because of HOLDING BACK ON this BUSINESS EXPANSION. It is GOOD BUSINESS to have Organic and Non-GMO offerings BECAUSE................... 85% of American families are BUYING ORGNIC AND NON-GMO SELECTIONS. The Farmers Markets are flooded with these families. It is a BUSINESS LOSS TO AVOID THIS REALITY. I am sending this request in the knowledge of your position in the SAVE-A-LOT company that furnishes our community which is 25 minutes from next towns and 45 minutes from Grocery stores who DO CARRY ORGANIC LINES. Walmart is simply dabbling but is smart enough head towards the above GOOD BUSINESS practices which are designed to make money, not turn customers away. We WILL DRIVE 45 MINUTES TO AND HOUR OR MORE AWAY TO GET QUALITY FOOD FOR OUR FAMILIES............ IT IS MY HOPE that Save-A-Lot will make the choice to survive and offer these changes. In rural communities, this can be gold mine. Don't sleep on this long. Customer assurance, DE , Macon County Tennessee

  • By Sheneaka - Posted on: May 17, 2013

    Manager in Memphis by the name Daren Howell at Watkins and Frayser Blvd store, came to assist me with more hotdogs for a barbecue I was having. I ask him did they have more in the back and his reply was why you need all those when I have a bigger one. I was so dumb founded and had never experience this in a grocery store. A few days later while I was in store he brushed my back side and I stated I would f him up if he ever did it again. All he said was I'm sorry and I was terrified in left the store immediately to get my old man. Until today I still feel disrespected, sexual harassed and you name it. I hope this letter reaches someone concern about customers, I was a valuable customer up until a few weeks ago and I loved shopping at Savalot until this happen. Very sad customer.

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