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5500 Avion Park Dr. Highland Heights, OH 44143
Phone: (440)473-2000

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Things Remembered, Inc. is a retail outlet for offering personalized gifts to customers. MDP (Madison Dearborn Partners), a Chicago-based Private Equity organization has owned the company. It is known for offering leather goods, religious items, accessories and glassware. Purchasing gifts from the store can be engraved with embroidery. It has been into the field for 45 years customizing gifts as per requirements of people. It operates over 600 mall-based stores in 48 states and has nearly 160 kiosks. Besides selling products via brick-and-mortar locations, the store even sells its products via catalog as well as online stores. The store is specialized in selling wedding gifts, Awards, Milestone gifts, Recognition, B2B gifts, etc.

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  • By Kristine Ledford - Posted on: June 27, 2013

    I went to the store today to buy a box to put my son and daughters ashes to ship to London to family. The lady and sells rep. was just rude ungrateful mean hurtful her upsale was more importent then anything to me I said I'll bring it baqck for graving when I ask my daughters what they want on their brothers box with sister. I'm the other mother but still the mother how rude and dare her I still got the box to send to London how-ever maybe she should be shiped out the door like now would be good a lifetime of pain not worth a sell of one to me .It's hard when a child dies she made this harder and upseting . Two children found in a cabin that burned to the ground last Thursday near Phoenix died of asphyxia from inhaling smoke and carbon monoxide, and the deaths were accidental, according to a state medical examiner's report released Saturday. Thank you Kristine North Olmsted mall OHio Emerald Robertson, who would have been a year old today, and 4-year-old Ethan Robertson were still in their beds

  • By Jdm - Posted on: March 29, 2013

    Today I went to "THINGS REMEMBERED". I wanted to have the side of the slide on my handgun engraved. I walked in with only the slide (not the assembled weapon. The rest of the weapon was in my truck). I presented it to the "associate" and she informed me that company policy says they Do Not engrave firearms, parts of, or the like. But will gladly engrave anything else I might have. So THINGS REMEMBERED, I am no longer a customer. There is a local trophy shop I think would like my business.

  • By Annomous - Posted on: March 11, 2013

    I say too you this is the worst company too work 4. Extremly few internal promotions, or flat lie too the employes about avancement. Bonus Program 4 most is so little or almost impossible too get. You work at home for this company 4 free. They have broken many employment laws. Single coverage without 15 minute breaks and no pay. They continue too be but the company into a ficious circle of repeating failed policies 20+yrs. This company has been profitable, but not as profitable as it could be if the current management team did not keep placing policies in place that have been tried and failed a continous circle. Poor pay. Long Hours, no incentive in management No promotions 4 asst mgrs and employees have no reason to make sales goals. Mgr dont manage they are dictated too. The executive branch of this company is a joke. They fail to allow mangers even too manage (Ie, schedules payroll hours regional merchandise etc. . Exective branch will not listen to there own employees. Regional nmanagers, teratories mgrs.are a joke position as they have little say in this company. NO pay increases in years and what they do does not meet with the cost of living. If you want too work here be prepared to have your home life recked, unhealthy stress conditions, no holidays birthdays etc. So to the private held investors even the quality of merchandice is declining over years. Does not Have alot of Made in America Merchandise. The media along with oshoa and the labor department should scrutinize this company. The depands are immpossible to meet within there current standards. This Exec branch of company did not even come from this type of business. I am not A EMPLOYEE of this company but my envolvement with company has been 4 over 20yrs. This company has some many things too fix. Current team Making bad decisions. THERE IS NO GOOD REASON TOO WORK 4 THIS COMPANY.

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