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55 Glenlake Parkway NE Atlanta, GA 30328
Phone: (800)742-5877

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UPS is an acronym of United Parcel Service, Inc., which is a global package delivery company. The company has a record of serving 6.1 million customers per day with above 15 million packages in 220 territories and countries throughout the world. UPS operates in three sectors – International Package, Supply Chain & Freight Operations and Domestic Package. Delivery packages of the company include documents, letters and other packages within the time as specified. The company is famous all over for their brown trucks and is also referred to as "package cars" internally. Besides, the company has its personal owned airline as well.

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  • By Exhausted - Posted on: April 25, 2013

    I am reviewing UPS through the 800 number but more for the Newbury Park California Branch. I care for my bedridden mother alone, it is just like caring for a 90 pound baby that is unable to do anything on their own, not even turn in bed. I ordered many things over the internet to help care for her; diapers, wipes, bed pads etc... One of the items I of the items I ordered was an expensive over the bed table that is only made by one company, it is a larger and heavier/ table that will be able to reach her in a larger wider bed. On Monday April 22, returning home with my mother from a doctors appointment and getting her some food, there was a large box with a large sticker very easily seen from the street "drive Medical ", with the lid open as well as the lid being torn, up against the fence in plain view of the street. I called the 800 number and issued a complaint and I told the customer service representative that I didn't want to except this item due to it's condition on delivery and where it was left for anyone to tamper with. They said they would have someone come and pick it up Tuesday April 23. I called the original shipper of the item and let them know that they would pick up the item to send back that Tuesday. Come Tuesday, there was no pick of the package, I call no one seems to know why or care that it wasn't picked up. I have already spoken to 3 people by now with no real assurance that it will get picked up except the passing of information. I am told on Wednesday, by a rude supervisor that she was calling to give me a time in which a driver is going to pick up the package be it already a day late, that " I am not calling to hear your complaints, just with a time of a pick up with a new female driver", which was supposedly 5 p.m., I asked for a direct number to the Newbury Park office since that is the office I was speaking to and she refused to give me the number and said there wasn't one . Come about 7;10 Wednesday, still no pick up. I call again speaking to another supervisor and the whole nonsense begins again, speaking to multiple supervisors at the 800 number and the Newbury Park branch all telling me they will give the next manager the note and call me back with no avail. I also just want to add I had multiple boxes of other things I ordered for my mother on Wednesday and U.P.S. which dropped off some of those packages didn't take the box sitting in front of my driveway. As of about 30 minutes ago and multiple calls today Thursday, speaking to a couple of different mangers and one actually talking with the Newbury Park Branch manger, finally with a drop off of another package, they finally picked it up. This ordeal with one package tells me there is a, "passing the buck" and disconnect of managers/supervisors and other employees and no one taking the responsibility to make sure something gets done. Even though I am a little guy, I have run my own business and have been a manger of a clothing store at the young age of 21, I have never seen anything quite like this and how no one seemed accountable. If I had done this as a manager, I would have been at the very least written up but more likely fired. As an employer, in the business I am now in, I would have fired someone for not showing up for one day and would have taken it upon myself to rectify this double error before it turned into the triple error it did because I would have lost their business if I hadn't already. Sincerely Erin

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