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9900 Bren Rd. E. MN008-T-615 Minnetonka, MN 55343
Phone: (800)842-2656
Website: www.unitedhealthgroup.com

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United Healthcare is a leading health care organization serving over 75 million people throughout the world. It is an operating head of UnitedHealth Group and largest health carrier in the United States. Their chain of organizations delivers creative products and services. Its network in the whole nation includes 7, 12,622 health care practitioners and physicians, 80000 dentists as well as 5,594 hospitals. Their pharmaceutical management programs offer affordable access for nearly 13 million people. Since the organization has cared well about its customers, it has earned several awards and recognition. Mr. Stephen Hemsley had been named as CEO and President of this organization on November, 2006.

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  • By Richard Runnion - Posted on: April 4, 2013

    Perhaps someone at UHC can explain why insulin and the needles that deliver the drug are in the same catagory...Tier 3....insulin cost more than %200 for a 3 month supply and the needles cost %35 for a 3 month supply???????

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