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Meineke Car Care Centers, also referred as mine-a key in short form, is a repair chain franchise for vehicles. Sam Meineke first opened a warehouse distribution in 1971 known as "Meineke Mufflers Shop". After 1972, the company has been a subsidiary of Part Industry Corp and was also a part of a British-owned multifaceted group supplying agricultural and automotive systems and other components. Primarily, the concept had been to provide quality services at discounted rates. Then the company expanded and began offering related products, oil and lube services, brake services, Catalytic converters, strut and shock services. Since 1993, George Foreman continued to be the spokesperson of the company since 1993.

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  • By Jackie - Posted on: May 24, 2013

    I have never experienced such shoody service, a $23.00 oil change has now costed me a blown engine, and soon to come legal fees. I've the many reviews against this company and it's all a matter of time, that a class action suit is in the works, hopefully a total shut down of the entire corporation.

  • By Debbie Hoel - Posted on: May 10, 2013

    I took my car into a Meineke in Boise, Idaho to have a simple a/c service because my air was blowing hot. I noticed on the door that this shop has a "A"rating from the Better Business Bureau. So I thought this is ok. They got my car in right away and I thought that was good. It was 1:30pm when I arrived. I walked over to a sandwich shop across the way to go and wait. At 3pm I walked back over and I was informed that my compressor didn't work and there was some wiring that was messed up so they were working on it. At 5 pm I walked back over to check on the progress and they informed me it wasn't running at all and there was extra fuel in the engine and I should not drive it home because it might catch fire. I kept telling them that my car was running fine when I brought it in. But they did not admit to any wrong doing at all. They did not charge me because they knew they were in the wrong. So I will never take my car to a Meineke and I have told anybody that will listen to do the same.

  • By Sheila May - Posted on: April 24, 2013

    I have been a "preferred member" at Meineke and my car broke down this past Sunday in Indianapolis. I had it towed to my local Meineke because they were the last ones who touched my car, which was the biggest mistake I have ever made. Mike, the manager, seemed to be helpful at first. Told me he got my car running but I would have to buy a new (USED) engine for a ridiculous price. As a smart consumer, I decided to shop around. I ended up calling Mike back and telling him I would pay the diagnostic fee, but that unfortunately I would take my business elsewhere since it was half the price. Immediately, his "friendly" demeanor turned to sarcastic and condescending. He actually even said "its not like I hate you as a customer or anything." He also had unprofessional comments about where I WAS going to take my business. When I came by that night to pick up my car, my battery was dead (not the way i brought it in) so I popped the hood to find my engine in pieces. Bolts just sitting inside under the hood. No valve cover, nothing attached. Some pieces were actually in the trunk. I feel like if I hadn't trusted them and paid over the phone, they wouldn't have been so quick to leave my car in bits. At the very least, the car should NOT have been in a worse condition than when i brought it. Especially since there was no work actually done. So apparently if you take your business to Meineke to diagnose a problem and you don't stick with them, they will leave your car in pieces for you to come and pick up later. It's no wonder why there are no GOOD reviews on this website.

  • By Robin - Posted on: March 3, 2013

    I live on long Island, New York. I broke down one month ago and a guy from Meineke in Commack on Jericho Turnpike came up to my car like an ambulance chaser and said he can tow me to his shop right up the street. I always use Pep Boys to do my work but this was not my town and was in a predicament but planned on having it towed to my guys. The next day I was told by Meineke in Commack manager Anthony they were not releasing my car to me unless I gave them $270 dollars. All they did was tow me and that cost $50 dollars and looked at the car which I already knew that the axel broke, you could see by looking at it. They bullied me into letting them do the work because they were charging me all that money for nothing! Well one month to the day the car breaks down again with the same exact problem. It gets towed to Pep Boys and they tell me that Meineke put rusted out, used parts in my car! Meineke not only ripped me off but more importantly put my safety and the mentally disabled clients I drive around safety in jeopardy as well.The attitude and treatment they showed me from the start was horrendous beyond belief. The owner Jimmy and the manager Anthony are complete lying slimeballs and denied the parts were used. They also refused to guarantee the work they had to do AGAIN claiming the car needs struts so they will not guarantee it which has nothing to do with the axel problem anyway. Pep Boys will be checking the work Meineke did again and I'm so afraid to drive my car until they check it out. Also on a side note, bought tires 4 months ago and had an alignment done by a different Meineke location and the tires are bald and I have only put a couple thousand miles on the car since the purchase. So people of America heed this warning: DO NOT use Meineke to repair your cars!!!! They are the lowest of the low. SHAME on them!

  • By Derek Ricks - Posted on: March 12, 2013

    The review is horrible! In this economy for a tax paying citizen to schedule a date and time on the Meineke website, receive a reminder email from Meineke website,and arrive on time at 07:30 am but the business is closed. The Meineke website clearly states that the business opens up at 7:30...I wait on the lot until approximately 8:25am the rain, with my engine running. This is the worst case of mismanagement and unprofessionalism I have ever seen! I will file a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau in reference to these outrageous business practices. If the location 6200 Marlboro Pike District Heights, MD is a reflection of this brand it is shocking as to how this brand is still in business! I wasted my time and fuel not to mention rescheduling of other assignments for this?!

  • By kb - Posted on: February 22, 2013

    living in plainfield, I have been to your location in avon,in. Smith is the owner. How could you let someone of this nature use the Meineke name. I have never met a man that didn't know anything about the automotive business and how he treated employee's and customer's is beyond me. You really need to cut ties with this person before he puts the Meineke name in a much worst place then it already is. The only reason he does what little money he does there is because of location, location, location. But, when you don't get repeat business because of poor auto technicans and a very poor owner with no morals, that my friends is a receipt for disaster. Im sure his customer satisfaction is extremely low it has to be. I have told everyone I can possibly tell, don't bring your car to this location. I truly hope corp. can cut ties with this person it would be in you best intersest. This business is a bottom line business and with the right person owning and operating this particular shop it has no limits but not with this Smith person running it. All he is doing is putting a bad taste in people's mouth for Meineke.

  • By C. Gude (Indianapolis, IN) - Posted on: October 27, 2014

    I took my car to Meineke as it died on the side of the road. It was a immediate need and the closets place to my car breakdown. Meineke kept the car and repaired it (Supposedly). When I got in my car, the check engine light came on, after supposedly the repair guy drove the car to ensure the radiator was ok and no light was off. I got out of my car to raise the hood, but it would not open. I advised the shop that the hood was not opening and they took the car back into the shop. Not only did they bang on my hood to attempt to get the hood up, they also told me that I needed a catalytic converter (How did they know that and there was not diagnostic performed) They were not able to get my hood to open. I requested that they indicate on my bill that they agreed to fix my hood as if there is a malfunction and I am out and about, I would be left without being able to even get under the hood to check it out. I asked the manager to sign the document, but he would not even speak to me. I went to his office and he had pulled up on his computer how to repair my hood. After repeated calls to the Owner (Larry - 5323 W. 38th St., Indianapolis, IN) who immediately was on vacation, the store manager Anthony Harris called me and told me to bring my car in on Saturday so that they could fix it. I dropped my car off early in the day and around closing time, I went to get my car. Acura MDX. When I got there, my car was not repaired, nor did I get a call to state they had issues with fixing it. I was furious. I recommended they send the Car to the Acura Dealer and they indicated that they were looking for places to send it to for repair. The Acura dealer would at least provide me with a loaner car while the repair is being completed. The Meineke Owner declined my request for a loaner car as they recommended sending my car to Maaco, one of the other worst customer service businesses ever. The hours they gave me did not meet my work schedule, as I have a new job and just can't take off during their regular business hours and again, they refused to provide with a loaner car to assist me in getting around while they fix the damage they made to my hood. The Owner stated he would not send it to the Dealer as it was too expensive and this was his offer. I was not made whole from the poor and unprofessional service provided by this location or owner. Meineke broke my hood, did not repair it after 12 hours of having my car sitting in the shop and want me to go to a service provider that has as bad reviews as they do. I am calling my attorney in the morning, filing a complaint with the Attorney Generals office, Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Advocate and local Action News. I can't believe there has not been a Class Action Lawsuit for the shady practice and deceptive practices of this company. After reading all of the reviews and complaints of this company, I will never do business here again and tell others not to trust this company. I understand Customer Service is of no assistance, but I will make the attempt and see where I get. In the interim, If I have trouble under the hood of my car, I am SOL.

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