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5986 Financial Dr. Norcross, GA 30071
Phone: (770)729-5700
Website: www.wafflehouse.com
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Waffle House Inc owns a chain of restaurants in more than 1700 locations, with its headquarters in Norcross, Georgia. The company since its inception has been expanding to different locations. The focus of this chain of restaurants is on customer service and convenient dining experience to its visitors. A yellow sign can be seen in almost all the restaurants, which is used for greeting the customers. A feature common with all the restaurants owned by the company is that they open round the clock all through the year. The company has been in this business for over fifty years now, and as celebrated many other achievements.

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There are currently 16 consumer reviews about Waffle House Inc available. Share your review.

  • By Amelia Holaway - Posted on: July 1, 2013

    Waffle House 1148 in Ruther Glen, VA Hour visited: 12:22:45 Highly unprofessional and disrespectful employees. Three black females and the black male were extremely disrespectful to the elderly lady giving them orders to fill and instructions. I stood at the cash register to check out and asked for a cup of water. The black female, after I asked to be checked out and asked for the water, asked someone else to do it and they looked at her and kept on going. The greeter was very nice, doing an excellent job getting the people seated. For the record, I am black and these employees would have be fired; there are so many qualified people who would represent you better; like the greeter.

  • By Long time customer - Posted on: June 30, 2013

    This review is specifically for the Waffle House in Pleasant Hill. We have been having breakfast there for the past several years and have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful service, the bottomless coffee pot, and the good food at a reasonable price. This morning there was a noticeable difference in the atmosphere. Not only were there fewer smiling faces, but for the first time we had to ask for coffee refills We love going to breakfast here but it's much more pleasant when the staff is obviously enjoying their jobs. That did not seem to be the case this morning. I wonder what could have caused this change on atmosphere. Concerned sunday

  • By Evelyn Green - Posted on: June 18, 2013

    I visited the Waffel House in Orlando Fl. South Orange Blossom and I witness a racies discrimination with a employee there. This was at 11:30 PM on June 15, 2013. The Manager and I think a supervisor were harassing a white employee that was working there because the other employee was a black gentilman that was there like the supervisor and manager. They rediculized and were laughing at her at making her upset and nurvese and harassing her and saying if she should leave it was her lost because it was her pay check that she would not get. And this was in front of the customer that were there. Even thought there is no excuss for this to happen in front of customers or away from them. This is abusive for any person no matter what you racies is. The experience was so bad that I desided to put this public.

  • By Pat Grelle - Posted on: May 6, 2013

    I ate breakfast this morning at the Waffle House in Winnie, Texas. Wanted to let the home office know, how well I was taken care of at this location. Very friendly, clean, fast service, cheerful staff. Misty Rose was my server, very good.

  • By K Bohanan - Posted on: May 2, 2013

    I worked for Waffle House in Forrest City..... I quit bc the employees there. And a few other reasons , like the cockroach infestation ! I called corp and told them what happened and the managers are STILL calling me to sign something ?!?! They didn't do anything about the place but they keep calling me ?!?! Call corp again about them calling and I was told that the same regional mgr that interviewed me would take care of it ?! Haha after calling corp Rodney called me again !!

  • By Alan - Posted on: May 16, 2013

    I cannot comment about the dollars and cents changes made at the centerville, ga waffle house but I feel it is total NON-SENSE that the former lady manager was replaced with someone that does not care for the customers as she did. Now, today I have learned that he is taking punitive measures against some of the staff. One single mother was forced to resign after she was moved to second shift. Another lady had her hours cut to 3 days and will no longer work the weekends. Please give us some help before we must find another diner to visit. Thank-You for your help in this matter.

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